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Biden angrily denounced: Trump is responsible for the congressional riots!

Electoral College Vote 306:232, Biden Wins

by YCPress

Trump and his supporters are tearing up America and threatening Biden to work next.

In the U.S. Electoral College poll held on December 14 local time, 538 voters voted for the President and Vice President of the United States according to the results of the state election.

As a result, Democratic candidate Biden received 306 votes and Republican candidate Trump received 232 votes. Biden’s election as President of the United States is a certainty.

Compared with the intricable “killing” between Biden and Trump in some swing states during the general election stage, there is no accident in the electoral college that directly determines who is elected President of the United States.

According to the American media, there are no “distrustworthy voters”. That is to say, the electors of each state vote for the winner of the state general election they represent. This is very different from the situation in 2016.

Hillary Clinton and Trump both encounter “distrustworthy voters” in the 2016 election

In the 2016 election, five Democrats and two Republicans “break the norm” and embark on the road of “treacherous”. Judging from the final election results, Hillary, who was abandoned five times, lost the election, and Trump, who was abandoned twice, won the election.

Don’t underestimate the situation of “traitors” in the electoral college. According to Reuters’ previous analysis, the number of “distrustworthy voters” in the 2016 U.S. presidential election is rare, and if put into the previous 58 presidential elections, it may affect the final results of five of them.

From 1796 to 2016, there were a total of 180 “distrustworthy voters” in the United States presidential elections.

Trump and Barr

At present, although the official election results will not be announced until January 6, 2021, because Trump has not conceded defeat so far, the relevant legal lawsuits have to continue, or it can be said that Trump has to turn the election into a “New Year’s Eve show”.

For example, when the Electoral College voted, Trump actually tweeted that he would let Attorney General Barr cover and leave before Christmas. According to the analysis of the U.S. media, Trump’s move is in retaliation for Barr’s ineffective investigation of “judicial fraud” in the U.S. election.

In Uncle Hai’s opinion, Trump is also a kind of blame. It’s really a disrecognizable person. Barr, who was originally an “heavy minister” of Korea and China, withdrew just because Trump lost the election and wanted to find the cylinder.

Trump removed Barr – there is no doubt that he still has this power, just like he removed Secretary of Defense Esper before.

However, Trump himself knows that there is not much time left for himself. He can only do such a few things if he is unwilling–

Dig holes, tighten some countries in the diplomatic field, and even continue to do something in Iran and other directions.

He hopes that this will prevent Biden from quickly manpowering after taking office. It’s not always possible that every policy in the United States can change the owner of the White House and have a “hairpin curve”?

Dig holes and continue to encourage Trump supporters against Biden internally.

I have to say that Trump has received more than 70 million votes in this year’s general election. That is to say, in the United States, he has a lot of “hardcore crops”.

When Trump left the White House by helicopter on December 12, supporters looked up.

Even after the general election was clearly defeated by Biden, Trump has repeatedly appeared at the scene of supporters’ gatherings – either passing the assembly place in a bulletproof vehicle or flying over the assembly place by helicopter.

He also went to West Point to watch the army and navy football games, hoping to encourage his supporters here.

Speaking in Wilmington, Delaware, after the Electoral College vote, Biden said: “The Trump campaign has launched dozens of legal challenges.

Every time I hear them, I find it worthless.”

Trump ran to West Point to watch the football game without wearing a mask.

However, Uncle Hay would like to say that no matter how Biden says that Trump’s challenge is worthless, it is difficult to hide that these actions of Trump and his supporters are tearing up the United States and threatening Biden’s work next.

For example, in the face of the epidemic, Biden wants the American people to follow the scientific approach, wear masks and pay attention to social distancing. But what if Trump’s supporters don’t do this?

Trump is still dead. In Uncle Hai’s opinion, in addition to his unwillingness to fail, there are three reasons–

On the one hand, he has to continue to raise funds. Trump needs money! To maintain sufficient liquidity and lay the foundation for his continued influence on American politics after leaving office.

On the other hand, he needs to continue to express his corresponding position to the voters.

That is, never compromise, this is his iconic performance. Previously, he repeatedly said that he had never lost in his life. This time he lost to “Sleepy Joe” Biden, and he was unwilling to accept it anyway.

Three things, based on Biden’s age, Trump feels four years younger than Biden, four years later, his comeback is unknown. And Biden basically has no chance of re-election. Four years later, who will Trump run with? Is it Harris?

Trump, Harris

In yesterday’s article “After Biden takes office, will the groups that the United States withdrew one by one?” In China, Uncle Hai has analyzed that after Biden takes office, he must first try to get the United States back on track.

No one wants to see a contemporary “history of the extinction of the Roman Empire”. However, from the macro perspective of history, can the current Trump or Biden stop the United States from going to some kind of abyss?