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Don't engage in a new Cold War, please do what the United States says!

Don’t engage in a new Cold War, please do what the United States says!

by YCPress

Not long ago, U.S. Secretary of State John Blinken, speaking on the sidelines of a meeting of G7 foreign ministers, said he opposed labelling China-U.S. relations a “new Cold War” and that “the U.S. is not aiming to contain or suppress China.”

With words still in the ear, the official meeting of G7 foreign ministers began with the “China issue” for an hour and a half, accounting for a full third of the foreign ministers’ meeting. On regional hotspots such as Burma, Syria and Libya, the G7 foreign ministers spent only 30 minutes in the region.

Europe and the United States every day thousands of new cases, still open the restrictions on many, bilateral exchanges. During the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting, nearly 2,000 new cases were added in a single day. This is unthinkable in China.

According to Bloomberg, the U.S. also set up a special consultation mechanism involving the G7 and other stakeholders to ensure a coordinated response to China. The joint statement issued after the meeting was a large part of the name of China, in the border-related, Tibet-related, Hong Kong-related, Taiwan-related, sea-related issues, China has become an “invisible protagonist.”

In addition, it has been reported that the United States will soon have to gather 16 navies in the so-called Indo-Pacific region to conduct a massive joint military exercises, in order to “counterbalance China’s ambitions in the region.” Then look at the United States everywhere engaged in “coercive diplomacy”, forcing allies to choose sideline teams, so-called “technology and trade alliances”, “democratic infrastructure construction”, and so on. The statement and behavior of the United States as if to take two sets of scripts, said well, done ugly, words and no faith, completely hypocritical.

A big country should have the appearance of a big country. To be honest, words must be acted up to. Take a long-term view and adapt to the world trend. History has long proved that artificial “building a wall” “decoupling”, engaging in camp confrontation, harming people against themselves, the outcome must be “double loss” or even “more loss”.

The U.S.-Soviet Cold War was notorious and unpopular.

In 1946, then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave the famous “Iron Curtain Speech” in the United States, which began the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. In the more than 40 years since then, the U.S.-Soviet struggle has become a source of world turmoil, with countries ideologically in charge, everything starting from competing with each other and bringing down each other’s camps, vowing to die, completely ignoring the aspirations of the people and the common interests of mankind, leaving a painful historical lesson.

“From Steaddin in the Baltic Sea to Trieste in the Adriatic Sea, an iron curtain across the continent has landed.” Seventy-five years ago, Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech ushered in the Cold War era.

Mr. Trump’s hardline policy toward China has fallen into the ground.

According to statistics, the trade war with China cost the United States about $320 billion in gross domestic product and 245,000 jobs. Pompeo has lashed out at the Chinese Communist Party, but Harvard Research shows that Chinese people are more than 93 percent satisfied with the central government.

In the face of the epidemic, the United States to China’s crazy throwing blame, trying to pass on contradictions, but the political virus can not beat the coronavirus, the United States as the world’s leading “New Rome”, but to the domestic virus epidemic, the death toll of more than 600,000, it is simply slippery!

Blinken denied that the “cold war” was inconsistent and intended to be disguised.

Recently, the United States has frequently raised concerns with China on issues such as border-related issues, and the newly passed Strategic Competition Act of 2021 has exacerbated the fire-making smell of the Sino-US game and deepened the concerns of its allies. This time the U.S. side “soft tone”, just to weaken the intensity of the Sino-US conflict in front of allies, pretend to be a “rest assured to follow the big brother mix, things must not make much trouble” posture, seize the moral high ground, holding allies together against China.

In April 2021, the U.S. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee passed the Strategic Competition Act 2021, which proposes to allocate $300 million annually for the 2022-2026 fiscal year to “respond to malicious influences by the Chinese Communist Party.”

While denying the “new cold war” against China, Mr Blinken used the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting to trumpet the “jihad” between “democracy” and “undemocratic”, to advocate a “like-minded alliance” and to build an anti-China “small circle” with no credibility that a major power should have. America’s distassity suggests that the Biden administration, which has been in power for a hundred days, is still not awake and continues to be confused:

The United States has yet to recognize that its “problems are in itself”.

In the Biden administration’s favorite “position of power”, the United States today does not have the quality to launch a “new cold war” between China and the United States and win. The deep crisis of capitalism in the United States is constantly emerging, political disorder, polarization, racial contradictions and other issues continue to ferment, the credibility of the government at home and the international community decline simultaneously.

Since taking office, Biden has made the economic recovery one of his priorities, but in the face of poor april’s jobs data, he has had to admit that the U.S. “jobs recovery is still a long way off.”

China is not a Soviet union yet.

China’s excellent answers in dealing with the epidemic, economic recovery and international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic are indisputable. China is not China 100 years ago, nor is it another Soviet Union. Today’s China is closely linked to the economies of various countries, forming a real community of destiny.

If someone insists on decoupling from China, they will break their hands and feet, and they are doomed to lose all over the world. China believes that “state hegemony will decline”, never seeks hegemony, does not engage in ideological output, and has no will to pull up gangs against the United States. The United States is looking for the wrong adversary for a “new cold war” against China.

“Allies don’t support it” has not been recognized.

America’s policies often fatten itself, poor its brothers, and dumb its allies, making it harder for America today. According to media reports, the United States at the G7 foreign ministers meeting proposed joint sanctions against China, but some allies flatly refused, “to curb China’s small circle” is clearly only a fantasy.

After the meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel publicly stated that she had “no interest in cold war-style division”. The EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Mr Borrelli, also wrote that he “does not want the world to split into rival groups” and that the era of the G7 ‘confrontation’ is over, speaking to many of America’s allies. Today, the few allies who can follow the United States and China in the “new cold war” want to replicate a Western “iron curtain” is simply a dream.

The Biden administration tried to woo its European allies to piece together an anti-China clique, but “the hearts are broken, the ranks are not good” and Europe is now struggling to connect with the United States.

The “new cold war” has not yet been recognizedå¿€ the trend of the times.

The coronavirus pandemic has made countries generally aware of the importance of global solidarity and cooperation, the world today is highly interconnected, “new cold war” is to divide the world, create confrontation is synonymous. In the immediate future, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a cause for concern, and in the long run, global issues such as climate change and public health crises are increasingly high on the international agenda, which need to be addressed through multilateral cooperation and global cooperation.

On 15 May 2021, three missiles fired by the Israeli military hit a building in the Gaza Strip, which collapsed and was completely destroyed in an instant. It is understood that the building is the Associated Press and Al Jazeera and other international media offices.

On May 16, 2021, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi presided over an emergency public meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Wang Yi said that we call on the United States to shoulder its responsibilities, take a fair stand and work with the majority of the members of the international community to support the Security Council to play its due role in alleviating the situation, rebuilding trust and resolving the political settlement.

So many headaches have not been solved, the premier superpower does not stand up even, but also private use of public devices to pull the world to their own ambitions to bury, how can win hearts and minds?

After denying the “new Cold War” against China, Blinken again referred to the three-point definition of “competition, cooperation and confrontation” between China and the United States, which is another example of the incality of words and deeds.

Judging from the recent performance of the United States, the so-called three-point method is actually “focused three points”, highlighting competition and confrontation, weakening cooperation, once again exposed the Biden administration’s policy toward China has not yet shaken off the legacy of the previous administration, has not yet come out of the misperception of China, has not found the right way to deal with China.

How on earth should the United States get along with China?

As former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has said, the United States can neither bring down China by cold war means nor entangle its allies in its siege of China, and it is only the right way to seek long-term coexistence with China.

It is hoped that the United States will not insult the dignity of the great powers, abandon the logic of “hypocrisy narrative”, act in line with words and deeds, and truly do not engage in a “new cold war” with China.

It is hoped that the United States will show great power, recognize the right of Chinese people to seek development and a better life, and accept the peaceful rise of a great power with different social systems, history, culture and stages of development.

It is hoped that the United States will take on the role of a great power, jump out of the zero-sum game thinking trap, move in the same direction as China, strengthen dialogue, further deepen cooperation, narrow differences, avoid confrontation, and join hands with China to benefit the world.