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Dominican President Vaccinates China's SinoVac

Dominican President Vaccinates China’s SinoVac

by YCPress

5 May, Dominican President Abinadr was vaccinated against the Coronavirus of SinoVac. A said the multi-government will start the third phase of the vaccination program next week to vaccinate all people over the age of 18.

In the afternoon, more from China to purchase a new batch of agents SinoVac vaccine arrived. Vice-President, General Coordinator of the Health Cabinet Pernia, Minister of Health Rivera, Presidential Counsel Peralta, etc. were greeted at the airport. Ambassador Zhang Run was invited to attend the ceremony.

Speaking at the airport, Vice President Pernia said, On behalf of the Dominican government, I would like once again to express my heartfelt thanks to President Xi Jinping, the Chinese government and the people of Chinese. This is by far the largest number of coronavirus vaccines arriving in dominica, fully reflecting China’s high-spirited festival, for us to continue to promote the vaccination program played a huge role in promoting.

Ambassador Zhang Run said that the arrival of Chinese vaccines is another manifestation of the concrete achievements of bilateral cooperation and the growing consolidation of bilateral relations. We appreciate the trust placed by the Dominican government and people in The Chinese vaccine. China will continue to support the fight against the pandemic through practical actions.

The local mainstream media are widely and actively reported, the public is highly concerned, praise.