Home Politics Does Obama have a chance to run for president again?
The next U.S. Treasury Secretary is forming a team and inviting Obama officials to take important positions.

Does Obama have a chance to run for president again?

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Can obama run for president again?

Can obama run for president again? It can be said that Obama is the most famous American president to worldwide, not sure if more than Trump right now or not, but think about it

Obama is the first black president in American history. He has left office for two years now. Although its exposure has decreased in the past two years, that doesn’t mean it has completely disappeared.

Can obama run for president again?

He will still appear in the public eye, of course, he no longer relies on expressive faces (Obama because during his presidency, the style is funny, so there are a lot of icons).

Does Obama have a chance to run for president again?

Many people have a question about whether Obama is likely to run in the US presidential election again. After all, he is still very young.

According to the Twenty-Second Amendment to the Constitution passed by the US Congress in 1947, the amendment states that no person can hold the office of President of the United States for more than two terms.

If the President is dismissed, resigned, or less than half of his term of office dies, the person who succeeds the President shall succeed until the end of his term, after which he can only be re-elected once If the successor to the presidency accepts the president after the mid-term has passed, you can be president for two more terms after you succeed until the end of the term.

The Twenty-Second Amendment to the Constitution came into effect in 1951. Since then, it has become impossible for the President of the United States to serve more than two consecutive terms.

Of course, nothing is absolute. If he had tremendous energy and could advance the fulfillment of the law to amend it again, the current restrictions placed on him would disappear, and he could be elected again.

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The constitution is not easy in the United States. In the history of the United States of more than 200 years, only 27 constitutions have been modified.

The process of amending the constitution in the United States is very strict. Since the amendment of the United States Constitution stipulates that every president shall not be re-elected for more than two terms. Since the United States government intends to limit the presidential term, it is impossible to remove this restriction.

Even if the restrictions disappear, he still faces many obstacles, foremost among which is his ability to govern. Because when he was in office before, nothing was too bright, and some of the political measures he committed to implementing and canceling were toppled by his successor Trump, which is equivalent to not leaving much of the political legacy.

Of course there is no strong elective acceptance among the people, and reelection is extremely difficult. In addition, amending the constitution is not an easy task. In the entire history of the country, the constitution has been abolished only once

and it is undoubtedly extremely difficult to dictate the mandate of the president.

In 2006, someone suggested repealing this law, but in the end there was no result.

What many people don’t know is that before this amendment was introduced, there was no limit to the president’s term. Roosevelt served as president for four consecutive terms and eventually died in office.

The reason for the amendment was introduced is to restrict the president and prevent anyone from remaining in

office for an extended period to generate selfish interests. Breaking this is undoubtedly a challenge to society and democracy, the difficulty can be imagined.