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Dissatisfied with the “New York Times” smearing Russia, Russian social media fought back!

by YCPress

Earlier, the “New York Times” of the United States claimed to be “recruiting” a Russian reporter who is “not afraid of death” on the recruitment website, claiming that this job will come into contact with “nervous agents, arms dealers, secret agents, and patients with new coronary pneumonia”. news.

On the 22nd, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova responded to this discredit. On the same day, creative Russian netizens also used the “yin and yang weirdness” of the “New York Times” to make a recruitment of “US reporters”.

Zakharova posted a special post on the official Facebook account of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on this matter, using a ridiculous tone and combined with black American protest slogans: “How can the New York Times allow reporters to work in such an “inhumane” environment What? The life of American journalists is also life!”

“Work with peace of mind in the United States, like the legend above, you can lie remotely if you don’t use it in Russia,” Zakharova wrote.

Picture taken from the Facebook page of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

If Zakharova’s response is a “golden sentence” with witty words in the calm diplomatic rhetoric, then the spontaneous “retaliation” made by Russian netizens can be said to be a model of “using magic against magic”.

Since the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded on the 22nd, a “Recruitment of Journalists in the United States” appeared on social media platforms such as Twitter. The recruiting unit was written as “The New Pork Times” (The New Pork Times) and the “New York Times”. The name (The New York Times) is only one letter difference.

In terms of appearance, this “cottage version of recruitment” is almost exactly the same as the sign issued by the New York Times (pictured below), and you can’t tell it unless you look closely.

In addition to the “high imitation” in appearance, the tone and stalk of this “cottage version of recruitment” is also vividly imitated. “Recruitment” wrote: “Trump and Biden have always been the biggest story in the world.”

“This is a place where the police use military weapons to suppress the people. It is a country where, in the name of’freedom’, spies are sent around to incite discord and promote their’inferior democracy’ through war. ” Wrote.

“If you are interested in the above elements, I can tell you a good news. We have a post of reporter based in the United States and we sincerely invite you to join us.”

At the end of “Recruitment”, the author did not forget to ridicule the American political system: “Oh, yes, the American political system is a capitalist oligopoly. No matter which puppet they choose to be president, they have the same means of manipulating the country. .”

Posts like this are widely circulated among Russian netizens, especially those who understand English, and they have also attracted many onlookers who “see the uneven road”. Everyone gave suggestions and suggestions for this “recruitment” and put forward their own suggestions for amendments.

“Don’t forget to write’English fluency is preferred, but not essential'”, a netizen “recommended”:

Another media person who often writes for a number of foreign media is serious about picking up problems with the original recruiting of The New York Times, and pulling out the controversial content paragraph by paragraph.

As for other netizens, they said that they have already admired the five-body cast. Apart from applauding the idea of ​​”recruiting copycat edition”, they have nothing to say.

However, the rhetorical question of more netizens is worthy of the New York Times’ reflection. Many people questioned whether from the perspective of recruitment texts, according to the “New York Times”‘s prejudice against Russia, which is the subject of coverage, should they hire reporters or a “puff” for them to discredit other countries?