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"Disappeared" 200 people overnight, where did the British quarantine tourists go?

“Disappeared” 200 people overnight, where did the British quarantine tourists go?

by YCPress

Due to the spread of the mutant coronavirus in the United Kingdom, many countries around the world have issued flight bans with the United Kingdom since the 20th of this month.

In Switzerland, British tourists arriving before the “ban on navigation” came into effect were also required to be quarantined.

However, the Swiss ski resort Verbier confirmed on the 27th that hundreds of British tourists in the area did not want to quarantine and bid farewell at night…

Greenhouse of “Holiday Epidemic”

Located in the city of Bagne in the Swiss Alps, Verbier is famous for its luxurious ski resort and is very popular with the rich in Britain.

According to statistics, 21% of the skiers in Verbier are from the United Kingdom in previous years, and during the traditional holidays at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, a large number of British tourists will flock to enjoy the pleasure of skiing in Verbier.

On December 19, the British government announced that the UK would tighten epidemic prevention restrictions due to the discovery of mutant coronaviruses that spread faster; British Secretary Hancock admitted that “the spread of mutant coronavirus in the UK has lost control”. WHO also released information on the 22nd about the increase in the infectivity of mutant COVID-19 by 40% to 70%.

Subsequently, France, Austria, Germany and several European countries, including Switzerland, began to implement border control measures. However, the WHO warning, multinational border control measures have not stopped “some people” from stepping…

According to the British Guardian, about 3,500 skiers flew to Webirje, Switzerland during the end of the New Year holiday this year, of which 420 were from the United Kingdom.

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On December 20, Switzerland announced that all travelers from the United Kingdom were banned from entering the country and suspended all flights to and from the United Kingdom.

Swiss authorities have stipulated that anyone who has arrived in the country from the United Kingdom since December 14 must stay in the area of separation for 10 days. It also stipulates that since December 14, anyone who arrives in the country from the United Kingdom must stay in the area of separation for 10 days.

More than 200 British tourists “disappeared” overnight

On the 27th, the ski resort of Verbier said that the breakfast provided by the hotel was always outside the door of the room, and no one answered the room phone.

It was not until the on-site cleaning staff found that “the situation was wrong” that the hotel confirmed that the tourists had fled.

After the quarantine order was issued, about 200 of the 420 British guests “quarantined for only one day honestly” and “sently left at night”; local media reported that the number of British tourists who “flew overnight” might be as many as 350.

Saunders, spokesman of the city of Bagne, said that after the quarantine order was issued, about 50 people left the scene immediately, less than 12 people left the ski resort on the 27th, and some guests have appeared in France. At present, only about a dozen people remain in the area for quarantine as required.

It is understood that those who violate the epidemic prevention regulations can be fined up to 10,000 Swiss francs

Former British official “exposed” the escape route

Andy Wigmore, a former British diplomat and co-founder spokesman of the political group “Detached from the European Union”, was part of the “escape incident”, according to the Daily Mail.

Wigmore told the Daily Mail that he was on vacation at the ski resort with his family when he suddenly received a message from the Swiss government that quarantine would begin on December 22.

To avoid being quarantined, Wigmore took his family to the French border 20 minutes before the quarantine began, and arrived in London from Paris on December 23 by Eurostar train.

The “escape incident” was severely criticized by netizens, and some people also expressed sympathy for the fleeing tourists.

After the incident was exposed by foreign media, it triggered criticism and accusations from many netizens. Maria Novakovic, a famous British media person, wrote a mocking: “Some people think that Britain’s reputation is not bad, so 200 British tourists have a ‘night run’ at night during the quarantine period. You are really good!” “

But Saunders, spokesman for the city of Bagne, expressed “understanding and sympathy” for these British tourists who were temporarily ordered to quarantine. Sandos said: “I understand their anger, but most families with children are suddenly told to quarantine within 20 square meters for 10 days, which is intolerable.”

Simon Wigert, director of the Webirje Tourism Bureau, said, “Maybe some people think they are running away, but I think the vast majority of people will think their behavior is legitimate and responsible. These new quarantine rules are very sudden and caught off guard, even for us.”

On the 27th, 41,385 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were added in the United Kingdom, the highest in a single day since the outbreak of the epidemic, with a total of more than 2.32 million confirmed cases.

Globally, confirmed cases of mutant COVID-19 have been found in many countries, including Belgium, Canada, France and other countries. WHO warns of future COVID-19 could become endemic virus As the New Year holiday approaches, the epidemic prevention problems faced by the United Kingdom and other European countries may be more severe.