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Dentitox Pro

Dentitox Pro The magic formula makes your teeth strong all your life

MADE AND SUGGEST BY famous doctors a magical Dentitox Pro, let you live a strong teeth!

This square was learned from the old natural ingredients next door.

Dentitox Pro

Its about a man is more than eighty years old, still in good spirits, especially that mouthful of neat, strong teeth, let me this generation are inferior.

Asked about the maintenance method, the old man smiled and mysteriously said that he had a “solid tooth”.

Teeth are the embodiment of human vitality, but too many modern people suffer from dental problems.

Dentitox Pro Review

Dentitox Pro Review

First, the gums shrink and the teeth are loose.

Teeth are the aftergating of the bone, the strength of the teeth all rely on the essence of the kidneys to nourish. Kidney essence is not enough, can not be very good to support the bone marrow, the bone itself is insufficient supply, where there is excess nutrition to replenish teeth.

It is like a tree, the roots of the tree is not good, branches do not absorb nutrition, leaves become crumbling, the wind blows, will also fall off.

According to several books, there is an official, young, because the gums shrink so much, not only the teeth wobble, the teeth are getting bigger and bigger, every time you eat something, it is easy to get clogging up food.

Everyone around him laughed at him for not getting old. A chance, he had a high man passed a secret recipe, six months later full teeth like a hair-replacement, no one made fun of him, and then came out this secret recipe is nothing more than some kidney-replenishing drugs.

Renal deficiency is on the one hand, on the other hand, cold can also make muscle atrophy, because cold has the characteristics of hysteresis, attract.

Every time you eat cold food, your gums are stimulated, and you recycle a little, and over time, it shrinks. So many problems, seemingly accidental, are actually the body “planned for a long time”.

Bleeding Gums Solution

bleeding gums solution

Many people brush their teeth in the morning is particularly prone to bleeding, this is through stomach fever, stomach fire stuffed in the gums, the body wants to save itself, can only be through bleeding to diarrhea heat, stomach fire down, blood stopped.
Dentitox Pro Reviews

Why is it particularly prone to bleeding when brushing your teeth? Because 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. is the order of the stomach, this time, the gas and blood is more active, and the gums are very soft, when you brush your teeth with a hard toothbrush, the gums will also bleed.

Third, toothache. Toothache, no more than three conditions: kidney cavity pain;

Tooth stones.

Almost everyone has different degrees of tooth stones. Because the teeth are very easy to hide dirt and dirt around the place, it is like the drainage ditch around our house, food residue will remain in the tooth seams, gum ditches, constantly accumulated, and finally calcified into tooth stones.

Back at the beginning of the article, what is this toothy square?

Here’s how to solve it. Tooth-fixing square:

Recipe: Green salt 15 g (recommended to replace with salt), raw gypsum 15 g, bone fat 12 g, pepper (de-eye) 5 g, white 5 g, windproof 8 g, mint leaf 8 g, dry lotus grass 8 g, fine sin 5 g.

Dentitox Pro Ingredients:

Vitamins A, C, D3 & K2, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, micro-encapsulated calcium (MEC), xylitol, collagen, MSM and spearmint/peppermint.

So, how does this square work? Is to study the above herbs as fine end, fine salt temporarily do not put in, only natural material research for fine end, it is best to go through a few more fine sieve, and finally put into fine salt mixed evenly, bottled spare. When using, use a toothbrush to get the right amount of brushing.

Green salt, also known as large salt, is the salt block used in winter pickles, now more difficult to buy, can be replaced by salt. Salty salty, has the role of filling kidney teeth, “thousands of gold square” records, Sun Siwei every morning has the habit of gargling with salt water, he said this can keep the teeth strong.

Dried Ingredient

Dry lotus grass can replenish the kidneys, can cool the bleeding, it can enter the blood veins, the hot blood cool down.

Bone fat, the name of natural ingredients is very interesting, here is called bone fat is because it has the role of bone replacement, strong bones.

The gypsum is hot and can be used to see the heat out from the inside out.

Wind protection is good at preventing wind evil, here can solve the body evil wind caused by toothache problems.

Fine has a strong smell, the smell of drugs can spread cold, but also good at walking, here can clear the tooth bed.

White, teeth are also white, this Dentitox to white, has the role of whitening teeth.

Mint words it aromatic and cool, aroma can fresh breath, cool can be hot to go to fire.

Peppers can be wet, can kill insects, it also has a benefit, included in the mouth can relieve toothache.

Dentitox Pro’s solution is worthy, whether you are bleeding gums, atrophy, or loose teeth, tooth stones, can be resolved.

After brushing your teeth with this square, do not rinse your mouth immediately, let the powder remain in your mouth for a minute to ensure that the powder works for a while. You can also dilute the powder into mouthwash, usually containing more rinse.

How to Protect your Teeth ?

Teeth “Whitening Mask”

Whitening mask is not only suitable for the face, but also for teeth, but at this time it is remodeled, known as the

“tooth film.” To make your teeth white, you can choose a “tooth film” that is harmless to your body, in addition to cleaning.

Put a dental film on your teeth before you go to bed at night, tear them up early the next morning, and after a while, the change in teeth can be a surprise.

Gum Massage

Gum Massage is also one of the new trends in tooth protection. After brushing your teeth daily, massage the gums with your

Fingers to promote blood circulation and improve your tissue metabolism, thereby enhancing your

gums’ ability to resist external stimuli and keep them healthy.

Out-of-mouth massage is also a good method. Brush your teeth, wash your hands, tap your gums with your right index finger across your lips, and massage your upper and lower gums slowly by rotating, each for 5 minutes. Then clean with mouthwash.

Massage gums with a puncher sounds far from everyday life, but its principle is very simple, through the pressure of water,

Along the direction of brushing teeth, to the gums massage, and thus promote blood circulation

and metabolism of the gums, and finger massage has the same magic.

Small Oral Movements

  • 1, turn tongue: is to roll the tip of the tongue, 360 degrees rotation, first outside and then inside, every day adhere to massage 36 times.
  • 2, teeth: upper and lower teeth hit each other, sooner or later each time, 72 times a day.
  • 3, drum gargle: lips closed, water-bearing mouthwash-like, drum gargle thirty-six times.

Often Drink Tea

Tea contains fluorine, has the role of preventing tooth decay, often drink tea or tea mouth can receive tooth protection and clean mouth role.

How to get good teeth at home

Six criteria for good teeth

Teeth that reach the following 6 points are basically “good teeth”:

  • Teeth did not reverse;
  • The tooth column arrangement curve is good;
  • Axial tilt angle of teeth is good;
  • Upper and lower teeth between the bite relationship is good;
  • Close contact between teeth, no gap;
  • The crown lip and tongue tilt to or cheek tongue tilt is good;

Four ways to protect your teeth

health, every day must do maintenance homework, effective brushing of teeth.

Implementation of the “three-three system”: brush your teeth 3 times a day, each brush for 3 minutes or more.

And pay attention to the bristles and teeth into a 45-degree angle, turn the brush head, as far as possible every tooth brush to,

let the toothbrush in the upper and lower teeth between the columns to move back and forth, in order to remove the deep dirt.

Don’t brush your teeth sideways, and don’t use it very hard.

How to choose toothbrush ?

Choose own toothbrush, toothpaste.

Toothbrush: Only the choice of oral hygiene requirements of health toothbrushes, in order to play a cleansing effect, and do not damage teeth and periodontal tissue.

Dentitox Pro Review

Health toothbrushes are characterized by: small brush head, flexible rotation in the mouth, brushing arrangement is reasonable

Easy to clean teeth, brushing teeth after the toothbrush itself is easy to clean, brush hair fine and elastic

Bristles are round at the top, not easy to damage teeth and gums.

Electric Toothbrush is good?

Electric toothbrushes are also a good choice, with a slight vibration generated by high-speed

rotation that not only promotes blood circulation in the mouth, but also massages gum tissue.

How about Toothpaste ?

Toothpaste: In order to prevent tooth decay, you can choose to have a repair function of anti-toothpaste

The formula contains free fluorine components that can directly act on the surface of the teeth

Teeth cracks in the place is particularly easy to absorb free fluorine, so free fluorine can play a directional repair role

Effective repair of damaged tooth enamel, thereby preventing bacterial invasion.3, eat more “tooth-loving food.”

High-fiber foods, such as vegetables, coarse grains, fruits, etc., are good for teeth, and meat, eggs and

Milk with high calcium should be eaten more, and avoid eating too much sweets.

Especially in infancy should pay attention to dietary choices, parents should give children to eat more vegetables that promote

Tooth chewing, such as celery, cabbage, spinach, leeks, kelp, etc., is conducive to promoting the development of the jaw and teeth neat.

Tooth washing can not be less.

The use of ultrasound cleaning and other means to clean the mouth in a timely manner, tooth stones is what people call

“tooth washing”, it is one of the main means to prevent periodontal disease.

Brushing and washing teeth can not replace each other, because teeth in a thorough brush within a few hours can have new strains formed, in 30 days can reach the largest number

if you do not pay attention to oral hygiene or brushing methods are not correct, the surface of the teeth will have a large number of plaque accumulation, especially the brush can not be the part, over time become tooth stones.

If the surface of the teeth have plaque, tooth stones, but not eliminated in time, can cause gingivitis, periodontitis and a series of diseases.

BUY Dentitox Pro

Ten ways to make your teeth healthier? 

Teeth are the second most aging organ in our body (the first is the skin). As human life expectancy increases, how to extend the service life of teeth has been the goal of oral doctors.

And many people medicine love tooth care wisdom, worth sharing.

Billions of oral experts said: a person’s life has two pairs of teeth, a milk tooth, a permanent tooth (permanent teeth a total of 28-32 teeth). Constant teeth are non-renewable tissue, although they can be replaced by dentures, but dentures can never feel as good as real teeth.

Raise kidneys

Believes that any local condition is related to the overall health status of people. Dental health is directly related to kidney function. Specifically, the prone to tooth decay, tooth sparseness are associated with renal deficiency, loose teeth is one of the signs of osteoporosis.

The ancients said that “hundreds of health, Mo first solid teeth”, so daily use of dry lotus or licorice to wipe teeth, with shells or yams, bone broken supplements and other kidney-replenishing herbs, grinding powder after consumption, the former clean teeth, the latter to supplement the bone calcium.

Winter is the golden season for kidneys, you can use this opportunity to take good care of your kidneys, from the root cause to ensure that your teeth can be healthy for 80 years.

Toothed porridge: black bean porridge with a cow’s knee

Suitable for people with kidney virtual physique.

Recipe: 12 grams of cow knee, raw yellow, cooked yellow each 15 grams (three-flavored medicinal gauze wrap, porridge after picking out not to use), black beans 60 grams, rice 100 grams, cooked into porridge.

Tooth Soup: Chestnut Phoenix Claw Rib Soup

Suitable for a family’s daily health care, pregnant women can also eat.

Recipe: Chestnut meat 250g, chicken feet 8, ribs 250g, Chenpi 20g.

Relieve toothache

For different types of toothache, you can massage different points to relieve it.

The cheek car cavitation is located at the corner of the jaw bone about 1 cm in the direction of the nose slope. When chewing, the bite muscles rise, and the recess is the cheek car hole.

Press and hold the point with your thumb, pressing it by a light weight for 1-2 minutes, which can help relieve the pain.

Void toothache (when toothache is looming) is accompanied by massage taixi holes – located in the midpoint depression between the ankle tip and the Achilles tendon.

daily teeth 30 times, teeth more solid

Dentitox Pro think that the tooth is a simple and effective method of tooth care – leisure time or after three meals, let the upper and lower teeth rhythmically collide, slightly audible sound, 30 consecutive times, can not only move facial muscles, but also can protect teeth.

Dentitox Pro formula also recommends that people close their eyes and teeth when they urinate, in order to achieve the effect of strong teeth.

Teeth healthier

Wash your fingers after dinner every day, massage your gums with your index finger up and down, and eliminate gum grooves and periodontal secretions to improve blood circulation in your gums and improve your periodontal tissue resistance. Adhering to this method can also effectively prevent periodontal disease.

Make good use of the natural protection function of saliva

Laboratory studies have found that saliva is a neutral liquid with a pH of close to 7. Dentitox Pro also believes that saliva is a natural cleaning agent in the mouth.

Stir in the mouth with your tongue for 1 minute to produce rich saliva, with a moment of rinsing and slowly swallowing, so that the mouth is a good way to clean your teeth. In addition, if you feel dry mouth, in addition to timely rehydration, you can also contain 2 tablets of licorice or a plum, to stimulate the secretion of saliva.