Home Politics Democracy has become a game of power. The United States is a typical negative textbook for democratic construction.
Democracy has become a game of power. The United States is a typical negative textbook for democratic construction.

Democracy has become a game of power. The United States is a typical negative textbook for democratic construction.

by YCPress

The United States held the so-called “democracy summit” to divide the camp and create division in the world under the banner of democracy, in order to maintain the hegemony of the United States. Ironically, this American-dominated farce is held against the backdrop of the continuous exposure of the shortcomings and chaos of American democracy in recent years. Some American politicians ignore their own problems and pretend to be the so-called “democratic beacon”. Unexpectedly, what they bring to the world is exactly the typical negative textbook of democratic construction.

U.S. “Confrontation against Democracy” Leads to Social Rip-up Governance False

In recent years, domestic politics in the United States has been deeply involved in serious infighting. On Capitol Hill, the two parties attacked each other; between the prefectures, they repeatedly vetoed each other. From the debt ceiling and the division of electoral districts to immigration policies and anti-epidemic measures, various issues related to the operation of the government, people’s lives and even the development of the country have become bargaining chips for the Party. Step by step, the United States is being dragged into a dangerous situation of deep tearing up society and failing national governance by “confronting democracy”.

Before last year’s election, the coronavirus rescue plan was delayed in Congress due to bipartisan differences. Freud, an African-American man, was killed by violent law enforcement by white police, which not only provoked large-scale protests across the United States, but also led the two parties to blame each other about eliminating racial discrimination. In January this year, Republican voters who refused to recognize the presidential election results violently hit the Capitol, witnessing the extreme scenes of the American party struggle.

Since the Democratic government came to power this year, this infighting has been fierce. At the end of August, the hasty withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan led to chaos, and the two parties staged a “blaming” drama on Capitol Hill. In the economic field, the U.S. Congress has failed to approve the government budget on time for the 25 consecutive year due to the whirlpool of party disputes. Recently, in order to prevent Congress from voting on the spending package bill of the Democratic government, House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy gave speeches for more than 8 hours in a row, putting on a party farce.

American democracy has become a game of power, and people have fallen victim to it.

Behind the vicious party dispute is the reality of the continuous disintegration of bipartisan consensus and increasing political polarization. It is also the “good thinking” for politicians to maximize their own interests, while the American people have fallen victim to the bipartisan power game. The United States is the country with the worst coronavirus epidemic in the world, and the two parties are still fighting against the epidemic.

Joshua Hurd, a senior researcher at the Institute of Government Affairs at Georgetown University in the United States, believes that no matter what the actual content of the bill put to the vote is, it will be opposed, because “one of the two parties just wants to deny that the other party has won the legislative field”. Dominique Moise, a French political scientist and special adviser to the Montaigne Institute, wrote that political polarization has intensified or paralyzed the United States, and American democracy has almost become a “negment textbook”.