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At least 200 mink died after many people were infected with the novel coronavirus in a fur farm in Canada.

Danish mink is buried and squeezed out of the ground. Government: dig it out and burn it

by YCPress

Overseas Network, November 30th According to a report by the Russian satellite news agency on the 30th, the Danish government said recently that it was considering exhuming and burning the buried mink bodies to stop the further spread of the novel coronavirus.

It is reported that the new Danish Minister of Food and the majority of parliamentarians support the idea of burning dead mink. Initially, the Danish Veterinary and Food Authority investigated treatment other than landfills, but later abandoned other options due to logistical problems.

In early November, the Danish government announced that nearly 400 human COVID-19 infections had been found to be related to diseased mink in farms, and decided to kill more than 17 million mink in nearly 1,200 farms across the country, which was controversial.

Since then, the Danish government has carried out landfills for the dead mink, but there is a phenomenon that the mink body rots and squeezes out of the ground due to expansion. People worry that the dead mink will release phosphorus and nitrogen during the decay process, thus polluting drinking water and threatening the residents.

It is understood that the infected mink corpse is classified as “clinical hazardous waste” and there is a risk of infection and requires special measures to deal with it. At present, several Danish incinerators have been allowed to burn them, but in a small number. The environment minister said, “This requires a lot of processing and repackaging.”

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