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COVID-19, snow, power outage, water outage, Texas enters doomsday preview mode

COVID-19, snow, power outage, water outage, Texas enters doomsday preview mode

by YCPress

February 14, Texas entered the “White Valentine’s Day” in the United States, and the lowest temperature fell to minus 17 degrees, breaking the record of minus 11 degrees in February, 122 years ago. In fact, schools have been closed since the 13th.

On Monday, February 15, the school announced that all face-to-face courses would be cancelled and online courses would be changed.

But soon the teachers reflected that when the power was out, how to start taking online classes without electricity? My old revolution in curriculum design has also encountered new problems. I used my experience of living in Syracuse, New York for three years to brazenly.

I began to drive to school. I suggested that teachers who can’t go to online classes and can’t get online should call me if they have something to do.

At least I can use the help of the school and the network and electricity to send a notice to the students. But soon, the school notified that online classes were also cancelled.

I remember that when I was in Syracuse, no matter how much snow was, it was not stopped. The municipal system is more experienced in handling traffic.

When it snows, snow shovels are everywhere, shoveling the main road completely.

However, the South lacks equipment, personnel and experience in such handling. Recently, on the highway in Fort Worth, Texas, more than a hundred vehicles of all sizes collided, causing many deaths and injuries.

I don’t know if it is affected by the power supply, and the hospital can’t function normally. Vaccines were also cancelled due to difficult transportation.

There are two emergency heating centers in the city, one in the south and one in the north of the city, two major churches. Be afraid of the cold. You can go and pile up.

But if it’s piled up, it’s estimated that it will catch the novel coronavirus again.

In the afternoon, things became more and more evil, and the city suddenly notified that the water would be cut off. According to the current usage habits, the treatment water can only last for two hours. Use of water other than cooking, including bathing, is prohibited in the city! Violators with confessions.

The power and water outages in the epidemic are the rhythm of the end of the world. Why is there a water cut off? It turned out that the power outage prevented the waterworks from running.

Some families began to stop water, but we haven’t stopped yet. But he began to boil snow and firewood, as if it were back to the past. Fortunately, I went to a lecture in the Department of Agriculture and liked to collect rainwatered land.

In addition, I have kept the old fence after the last fence change, just for a rainy day.

Environmental awareness has played some role in raising soldiers for thousands of days and using troops for a while. Nearby, a university distributes buckets to students, so that everyone can go to the school pond to get water and flush the toilet. There are many other people who fill the bathtub with snow ready to melt.

In order to keep warm, many families use barbecue ovens to burn carbon for heating, resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning for many people.

In addition, if the fire burns the fireplace too much, it will cause the fire to the roof.

How could Texas be so miserable by a low temperature? There are multiple reasons for this.

First of all, after the snow, all wind turbines stopped, resulting in insufficient supply. However, some careful netizens found that in the cold environment of the Arctic and Alps, the windmill still rotates.

In addition, the supply of natural gas for power generation, which is too much used for heating in cold weather, also affects the power generation capacity.

But more critical is the political issue. Except for the Republican Party in power, Texas often shouted for federal independence. Historically, Texas was an independent country.

In order to break away from the laws of the federal government, the Texas power grid is independent of the two major power grids in North America, east and west. In Texas, we use electricity like buying vegetables.

You can buy products from different suppliers. In recent years, I have changed the supplier every year to compare which one is cheaper. We have changed four suppliers over the past few years. Buying electricity is related to personal political beliefs.

If you believe in clean energy, you can choose pure wind power (such as Castle Peak Power, Green Mountain) or pure solar energy (Sun Wheel Power, Chariot). This competition gives us some choices and makes the price not too high.

In the fully marketized power market, the “invisible hand” is left and right supply and demand. There is only one regulatory agency in this state called the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

This institution, which sounds like two dogs, decided to supply power to in this power outage. They were scolded for this power outage.

Many families have been cut off power for more than 24 hours in a row, but some very power-consuming buildings are still brightly lit. It can be seen that the power outage of ERCOT is not carefully designed.

Texas’ power supply department can ignore some requirements of the large power grid outside the United States.

Texas has never “winterized” the power generation equipment. This kind of processing cost is relatively high, and in a purely market-oriented environment, suppliers have no incentive to do it. This loose practice caused Texas to encounter similar crises in 1989 and 2011.

Rex Tillerson, former U.S. Secretary of State who has been in the energy industry for many years, once said: “We don’t have supply problems. We have engineering problems.

However, the temperature in Texas will change quickly, and the water grid will recover by Friday. Therefore, the spring and Jingming years will be quiet, and the people will soon forget all this.

During the election, politicians who call for secession from federal control may also be elected to power.

But in this doomsday preview mode day, many touching events can also be seen. The car is stuck in the snow, and strangers will come to help you push it out.

The neighbors greeted each other without asking How are you: “Do you have any water to drink? Is the house warm? What can I do for you?”