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COVID-19 Found on Ice Cream in Tianjin - FULL DETAILS!

COVID-19 Found on Ice Cream in Tianjin – FULL DETAILS!

by YCPress

Source: ECNS

Authorities in north China’s Tianjin Municipality are tracing ice cream contaminated with coronavirus after three samples tested positive for the virus.

All storage of the goods produced by Tianjin Daqiaodao Food Co., Ltd. has been sealed after the samples sent by the company to the municipal center for disease control on Tuesday and Wednesday tested positive for coronavirus.

Preliminary epidemiological investigations show that the company produced the batch of ice cream using raw materials such as milk powder imported from New Zealand and whey powder imported from Ukraine.

As of 2 p.m. Thursday, the company’s 1,662 employees were placed under quarantine and put through nucleic acid testing. Of them, 700 were tested negative for COVID-19, and testing results of the remaining 962 people are yet to be shown.

Authorities have taken measures to disinfect the environment, quarantine close contacts and trace the ice cream that was sold.

Most of the 390 cartons of ice cream tainted with the COVID-19 virus that entered the market in the North China municipality of Tianjin have been tracked down and recalled, the government said on Sunday.

Of that total, 372 cartons have been recalled, while authorities are still searching for the remaining 21 cartons.

Three samples of locally-made ice cream using New Zealand milk powder and Ukraine whey mist, under the local brand Daqiaodao, tested positive for coronavirus on Thursday.

The government began tracing the batch of cartons sold in Tianjin. Authorities elsewhere were notified of sales in their areas.

A total of 2,187 people in the city who had close contacts with the ice cream were found from Thursday to Sunday and 2,122 of them have tested negative. They were put under quarantine on Friday.