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Nearly 90% of new cases in Ireland are infected with variant virus. North Macedonia launches coronavirus vaccination.

Coronavirus variant found in the UK: faster transmission

by YCPress

According to the United Morning Post, the United Kingdom has discovered a variant of the novel coronavirus virus, which spreads faster in some parts of England.

According to the BBC, British Health Secretary Hancock said in Parliament on Monday (14th) that cases caused by the new mutant of the virus have been found in at least 60 regions. However, Hancock stressed that there is no evidence that the new variant virus will aggravate the condition or cause the coronavirus vaccine to fail to work.

British scientists are conducting in-depth research on new variants of the virus, and the World Health Organization (WHO) has been notified. WHO pointed out that there was no evidence that the behavioral performance of the virus strain was different from that of the existing virus type.

“We know that about 1,000 people in England have been infected with this genetic variant virus, authorities are conducting research, and this virus will evolve and change over time, and we have seen many different variants,” said Michael Ryan, WHO Health Emergency Program Director.