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Coronavirus vaccination suspended due to cold front weather in Greece

by YCPress

February 16 The Greek government said on the 16th that the cold front “Medea” caused flights, trains and ports in Greece to be suspended, and the Attica region of Athens also suspended coronavirus vaccination.

“Media” has also caused the closure of roads and highways in some mountainous areas and the interruption of power supply in many places.

According to the announcement of the Greek fire department, firefighters have successfully rescued dozens of people trapped in cars due to heavy snow.

According to local media reports in Greece, two people died of sudden illness but died after falling for help because heavy snow blocked traffic and did not receive timely treatment.

Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis went to the Greek Ministry of Civil Protection on the 16th to learn about the situation and hold a special meeting, advising that the people should avoid unnecessary travel, and the government will try its best to restore transportation and electricity supply.

Affected by bad weather, the court, immigration bureau and other departments were temporarily closed on the 16th.

Local meteorological experts estimate that severe weather will last until the end of the 17th.

“Media” entered Greece on the 13th, bringing great cooling and rainy and snowy weather to most parts of Greece.

According to the monitoring data of the Athens National Observatory, the lowest temperature in Greece appeared in the northern Kozani region on the 15th, at minus 19.9 degrees Celsius. That night, the snow in the northern part of Athens, the capital of Greece, accumulated more than ten centimeters.

Theodoros Kolidas, head of the Greek National Meteorological Center, told the media that this is the strongest cold front encountered in Greece in the past 12 years.