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Coronavirus cluster infection in South Australia

by YCPress

The southern Australian city of Adelaide reported 14 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus on the 16th, all of which were related to the 3 local cases reported a day ago. It is believed that this wave of infections was caused by an isolated hotel employee who was infected with Coronavirus and spread to his family.

Nicola Sperrier, the chief health officer of South Australia, where Adelaide is located, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that “the (testing) machine keeps producing positive results” and this wave of cluster infections is “very obvious” related to a family for isolation Hotel for immigration personnel.

Sperrier said: “We haven’t got the genome data yet, but I’m absolutely certain that the virus came from an isolated hotel.”

Agence France-Presse reported that the South Australian state government moved quickly and ordered the isolation of hundreds of people and the closure of related schools and commercial premises. The new cases include a prison guard and multiple elderly caregivers, which may cause infection in high-risk groups.

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. The state has maintained zero new cases of local cases in the previous months. The recurrence of indigenous cases in South Australia has made Australia worried about the outbreak of the epidemic again. Reuters reported that Western Australia, which is adjacent to South Australia, recently allowed people to enter from other states. Now it has decided to tighten state border controls. It is compulsory for travelers entering Western Australia to be tested for Coronavirus for 14 days. isolation.

Australia’s epidemic control is relatively good. So far, there have been about 28,000 Coronavirus cases and 907 deaths, most of which occurred in the state of Victoria adjacent to South Australia. After a long period of “closed city”, Victoria had no new cases for several weeks, and zero new cases were also reported on the 16th.

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunter said that South Australia will provide South Australia with a national Coronavirus contact tracking system and military personnel to help contain the spread of the virus. “If there is more demand, more (help) will be provided.”