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Congress fired, the United States "falled down" Overnight, the U.S. Congress "fallen". Capitol Hill becomes a "battlefield"

Congress fired, the United States “falled down”

by YCPress

Overnight, the U.S. Congress “fallen”.

On the afternoon of January 6th, local time, supporters of US President Trump shouted “USA” and waved the American flag and the “Don’t trample on me” flag in front of the Capitol. They clashed with heavily armed police, even smashed glass, climbed barefoot and broke into the Capitol. The ongoing House meeting was forced to urgently terminate the evacuation.

Capitol Hill becomes a “battlefield”

In accordance with the procedure of the presidential election, the U.S. Congress met on January 6 to certify the results of the voting in the electoral college. As the president of the Senate, Vice President Mike Pence will be responsible for announcing the election results, while the candidate who has at least 270 votes out of 538 electoral votes will become the next president.

Since the U.S. Congress passed the Election Vote Statistics Act in 1887, such certification has only been a ritual procedure and has no substantive significance in the election process. Some time ago, Trump pressured Vice President Pence to “overturn the election results”, and Pence also said he was “powerless”.

But Trump and his supporters regard the certification process as the last chance to “turn the tables”. On this day, a mass parade was staged in Washington, D.C., and Trump tweeted the message of “Save America”. Their common goal is to overturn the November 2020 presidential election results, because they are not satisfied with the election results.

Just hours before Congress fell, Trump delivered a passionate speech to thousands of supporters, shouting: “We will never give up, we will never give in. This country has had enough, and we will not tolerate it any more.” Pence doesn’t have the courage to do what should be done to protect our country and our Constitution…we need the truth!”

Several American media reported that the live video showed that the demonstrators broke through the barrier and headed for the Capitol. Fox News pointed out that Trump supporters threw objects at law enforcement officials and had several disputes with the police.

CNN reported that the protesters pushed down the metal fence, while the police used the fence to push the protesters back to their places, and other police officers also wrestled with people who tried to cross the border. The scene was filled with smoke, and an explosion was heard near the steps of the Capitol.

The riot forced the joint meeting to be suspended, Vice President Pence evacuated urgently, and parliamentarians were evacuated urgently.

Democratic Senator Mercree said that Senate staff successfully “rescued” the ballot boxes containing the electoral college votes before demonstrators rushed into the chamber, “or else the votes would be burned by the mob”.

According to CNN, the U.S. Capitol police have arrested about 20 people, who have been taken away from the Capitol and sent to a police car.

Congressional police are asking for assistance from other law enforcement agencies, including federal law enforcement.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said on a social networking website that in response to the tension in Washington, D.C., she would send the Virginia National Guard and 200 police officers to support the District.

Washington police said that four people have been killed in the congressional riots. Among them, a woman wearing a banner supporting Trump was shot and died after being sent to hospital, and three others died of medical symptoms in the riot.

A live video posted on social media shows the woman wearing banners in support of Trump.

Before hearing a loud noise, she was climbing up a small window next to a door of the Capitol.

The picture shows that the woman fell to the ground after the noise, and blood gushed out of her mouth. Then, a man in a helmet and a military rifle stood beside her, and when a man in a suit approached the woman and squatted beside her, someone could hear shouting the police.

On the same day, many U.S. Capitol buildings, including Salem, Oregon, Atlanta, Georgia, Denver, Colorado and Topeka, Kansas, were also hit by demonstrators, and local officials were forced to evacuate.

The U.S. Capitol Hill quoted several local media reports that the staff of the Utah State Capitol Building had been ordered to evacuate because of threats.

Outside the Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia, a large number of militia groups gathered, and the Secretary of State was forced to leave under police escort.

In Salem, Oregon, protesters burned the portrait of Governor Brown at a rally, and police also warned people to avoid the area near the state legislature. There was a fierce clash in protesters in Sacramento, the capital of California, and the police had to intervene to stop it.

On the evening of the 6th local time, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook successively took action against the accounts of US President Trump and deleted the videos he released.

Twitter announced that it would freeze the account of US President Trump for 12 hours. Twitter said that if there are further violations of platform rules in the future, including the threat of violence policy, it will lead to the permanent removal of the account.

“Infringement of democracy”

CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and other U.S. media unanimously agreed that these Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol were “thugs” and “incited by the President of the United States”.

President-elect Biden called it an “infringement” on democracy.

“At this moment, our democracy is being violated like never before.

Protesters attacked the Capitol, the lawmakers and the congressional police who swore to protect them…now it must be over.”

On the same day, four former presidents of the United States made a similar statement.

Obama tweeted that “history will remember the violence that happened in the Capitol today”, which he called “an extremely shameful and shameful moment for our country”.

He also pleaded with Republicans to “choose the reality and take measures to put out the fire”. George W. Bush said that the attack on the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters was “disgusting” but “heartbreaking”.

Clinton issued a statement on Congress’s protest against the riots, accusing the riot of a concentrated outbreak of political division in the United States over four years. “It’s a national tragedy,” Carter said, “not what we are as a nation [should] be.”

America’s allies were also shocked.

British Prime Minister Johnson said: The scene of the U.S. Congress is “shameful”. Johnson on Twitter: “Shameful scene of the U.S. Congress. The United States advocates democracy around the world, and it is now crucial to achieve a peaceful and orderly transfer of power.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau was worried about the situation in Washington and hoped that the United States “established the system”, German Foreign Minister Mark said that “it was a trampling on democracy” and NATO Secretary-General that “the results of popular elections must be respected…”

Ironically, when the United States and NATO instigated the “color revolution” in other countries, they incited the opposition to “overthrow the democratically elected government”.

Serbian-American journalist Malik published a commentary on “Russia Today” (RT): On this day, the United States finally tasted its so-called “democracy” overseas.

This sentence comes from Russian President Putin’s speech to the United Nations in 2015. Putin questioned at that time that it was the self-defeating consequences of the United States’ support for the so-called “Arab Spring” and Ukraine’s “color revolution”: the local political turmoil made the extremist organization Islamic State and right-wing white supremacist organizations take the opportunity to grow larger.

Malik believes that the scene that happened in the U.S. Capitol can no longer be explained by “short-sighted bipartisan struggle”, which is actually “the complete moral bankruptcy of the entire American political and media establishment”.

He described that Democrats and Republicans have been used to using the “color revolution” as a political weapon for many years, but what they did not expect was that this kind of “grassroots marketing” coup operation would have counterattacked and “sniffed” out the political rift within the United States.

Malik has given continuous examples.

From 2000 to the present, whenever there is a questioning election and protesters making a roar in parliament, whether in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia, Moldova or Belarus, the United States will openly support the so-called “people’s power” because the U.S. Embassy and non-governmental organizations secretly promote ” Color Revolution”.

Regarding the “double standard” of the United States’ promotion of “democracy” overseas and the treatment of its own domestic problems, Mohamed Safa, a Lebanese diplomat and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, pointedly pointedly on Twitter that “If the United States sees what the United States is doing to the United States, the United States will definitely invade the United States and from the hands of the tyranny of the United States. Free America.”

“The United States fell from the altar of morality”

In fact, David Fromm, a former writer of President George W. Bush’s speech, had accurately predicted the chaos in Washington four years ago.

“Whenever Trump gets into trouble, his response is to provoke a fight to divide society,” he wrote in the article.

For Trump, social unrest is not trouble, but resources. Trump will not suppress it, but will publicize it.”

Looking back on the magical moments of this U.S. presidential election, from abusive threats to abusive threats to abuse of election fraud, to the failure to complete the election “reversion” by inciting the masses and achieving violence, Washington today’s scene has torew the fig leaf of the so-called American democracy clean.

Not long ago, the New York Times said that American democracy was “on the verge of collapse”.

Whether this judgment is true remains to be seen, but now the development of the situation in the United States seems to be fulfilling this prediction.

Wendy Weiser, a scholar at New York University in the United States, pointed out that although no one would really worry that Trump would successfully launch a coup and subvert the election results, an alarming number of Republicans were willing to follow Trump and actively participate in the overthrow of democratic elections.

Ronald Brownstein, a U.S. political analyst, believes that Trump’s failure to challenge the election results masks his other success, which is gathering more and more Republican supporters.

In his view, this situation is making it more difficult for Republicans to commit to Western democratic systems and traditions, including excessive power and peace.

Seeing that the so-called system design of checks and balances between the two parties has become a tool for party struggle to attack each other and dismantle Taiwan.

In a live interview with the BBC, Ray Mabus, a Democratic politician and former Secretary of the Navy, said with pain: “The United States did not do this before.

The United States has now lost the high ground of democracy and has fallen from the altar of morality.” What the United States has done over the past four years has discredited the United States in front of the world.