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Clear up the procedural obstacles of the Senate! Biden will push forward the $1.9 trillion bailout bill

by YCPress

February 4th – Comprehensive report, the White House announced on the 3rd that after attending the weekly meeting of the House Democratic Caucus by phone, US President Biden will meet with Democratic senators in the President’s office to discuss the $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Pl” “an) “Stimulus plan.

Earlier, on the 2nd, Senate Democrats took action to remove procedural obstacles to advancing the plan, put Biden’s $1.9 trillion economic stimulus plan into the fast track, increasing the possibility of eventually passing the bill by partisan vote.

The signal indicates that whether Republicans come to the negotiating table or not, Democrats are determined to adopt a rescue plan that provides more economic assistance.

In a speech before the vote on the 2nd, Senate Majority Leader Schumer said: “We can’t and can’t stand hesitation, delay or lower requirements.

We need to formulate a huge and bold package according to the “American Relief Plan” platform proposed by President Biden.

We hope that our fellow Republicans will join us in proposing amendments.”

Schumer said that the budget resolution or settlement process did not exclude the possibility of bipartisan cooperation, and welcomed any changes to the budget.

But McConnell, the minority leader of the Congressional Senate, said that Democrats chose a “partisan path” to continue to push forward budget resolutions.

Once the Senate and House of Representatives pass the budget resolution, the committees will start drafting the bill.

The Senate Budget Committee will review the wording of the bill to ensure that it conforms to the so-called “Byrd Rules”, which restricts the content of legislation passed using budget coordination and prohibits content that is considered “unrelated”.

The debate on the budget coordination bill in the Senate will be limited to 20 hours, followed by another consecutive vote (vote-a-rama), during which each senator can propose amendments and raise a point of procedure to challenge the provisions they deem irrelevant.

However, the process of the bill may be hindered by the impeachment trial of former President Trump.

According to the provisions of the Senate, the Senate may not consider any other issues during the trial, which means that the Senate may not vote on the coordination bill until later this month or early March.

Before the vote to debate the budget resolution, Biden met with nine Republicans to discuss their much smaller coronavirus relief proposal.

The $600 billion program has significantly cut costs, excluding funding for state and local governments, which has been the crux of past bailout negotiations.