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Chinese shops bring convenience to Argentine people during the Christmas holiday

by YCPress

Buenos Aires, December 26 The Christmas holiday is the traditional shopping season for Argentines. During Christmas, most Argentines continue to decorate Christmas trees and give gifts to their families.

Chinese shops in Argentina have greatly facilitated the local people to buy holiday items during Christmas, and high-quality and affordable Chinese goods have become the first choice for many Argentines.

Although Argentina is far away from China, Chinese shops are very common in Argentina, and the goods from China in the stores are favored by the Argentine people.

Most Chinese shops in Argentina continue to operate during the Christmas holiday to meet the shopping needs of the local people during the holiday.

The 11th district of Buenos Aires is a famous wholesale center for goods in the area. The Argentine Chinese Huangdi runs a large supermarket here, selling a full range of Chinese goods such as jewelry, stationery, toys, cosmetics and so on.

According to Huang Wei, there are more than 60 local employees in the store, who import a large number of goods from China every year.

This year, the sudden epidemic forced stores to be unable to operate normally for a long time, and the import and export process of goods was also affected.

He said that under the new normal of COVID-19 prevention and control, many Argentine people prefer contactless shopping. This year, stores actively opened up online sales channels, optimized e-malls and increased online publicity.

During the epidemic, online sales became the main source of revenue for stores. The store also launched an online promotion during Christmas.

Antonia is a student. She often shops in Chinese shops.

She said that Chinese shops have a wide variety of Chinese goods and reasonable prices, providing more diversified choices for decorating rooms and giving gifts to relatives and friends during Christmas.

On August 11, two women wore masks on the road in Buenos Aires, Argentina. ( Xinhua News Agency, photographed by Martin Sabala)

Leonardo, a staff member of Huangdi’s shop, told reporters that Christmas trees, decorations, toys and cosmetics imported from China are particularly popular during Christmas.

With the arrival of New Year’s Day and the subsequent summer vacation, the store is expected to usher in a new sales peak.

There are Chinese shops in almost every busy block in downtown Buenos Aires, and more and more Chinese shops are slowly opening to Argentine cities.

Compared with large supermarket chains, most Chinese shops are closer to residential areas and have longer business hours.

The high-quality services provided by the store, such as door-to-door delivery and loan of environmentally friendly shopping bags, provide more convenience for the local people. Huang Wei said that Chinese shops attract more and more Argentine people with the advantages of proximity to living communities, diverse goods and convenient distribution services.

Antonia told reporters that during the epidemic, many Chinese stores can place orders through the Internet or by phone and provide door-to-door delivery services. This kind of contactless shopping is “very reassuring”.

Gabriella, who often shops in the 11th district, likes Chinese goods very much.

She said that China has a wide variety of goods and reasonable prices. Every year, the Christmas tree at home is bought in Chinese shops.” The Chinese shop is very warm and the service is very thoughtful.