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China's targeted poverty alleviation experience helps Southeast Asian countries reduce poverty

China’s targeted poverty alleviation experience helps Southeast Asian countries reduce poverty

by YCPress

“The new bridge has been built, and it is much more convenient for villagers to leave the village. Now, the mud road in the village has become asphalt road, and environmental sanitation continues to improve. Looking at the new bridge assisted by Guangxi, 49-year-old Kanzhan Buvinai couldn’t help but feel joy.

Kanzhan Buvinai is a villager from Bhansuo Village, Vientiane City, Laos. He has visited China twice to exchange poverty alleviation experience and is very interested in the comprehensive development of terraces in Guangxi, modern agricultural development and tourism poverty alleviation projects. He joined other villagers in applying the Chinese farming experience to the local area, and set up production teams for cattle, corn and weaving.” Referring to China’s targeted poverty alleviation practices, we are ready to expand the scale of industry and drive more people to increase their income.

In recent years, China and Laos have continuously strengthened exchanges and cooperation in the field of poverty alleviation. In September 2017, Guangxi’s demonstration cooperation project on poverty alleviation for China’s assistance to Laos was launched in Bansuo Village, Vientiane City and Xianglong Village, Prabang Province, aiming to improve local infrastructure and public services and carry out technical assistance.

Ni Campavonsha, a 49-year-old villager from Bandsuo, joined a weaving group of more than 20 villagers. As a sideline, Ni Campavonsha increased her income by about 800$ a year. Wan Ping, 51 years old, and her wife joined the cattle raising group, and the average profit of a cow exceeded 480$.

Previously, the project team and cattle breeding technicians went to Benceo Village to inspect the construction of cattle pens and the arrival of cattle breeding demonstration households, and also carried out training for villagers in breeding technology, disease prevention and other aspects. According to the relevant person in charge of the Poverty Alleviation Office of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, at present, Guangxi has assisted 40 demonstration households of breeding cow breeding in Laobansuo Village, and a total of 120 breeds of cattle have been distributed. Among them, 60 kinds of she scalpers are pregnant with calves.

“Now we have more project management experience and village experience, and we have learned a lot of new skills and practical knowledge to ensure a stable source of income.” Kanzhan Bhuvinay said that the China Aid Project brought many new ideas to the villages and also established village-level project management organizations.

“Relearn from China’s poverty alleviation experience, the relevant local departments no longer simply send money and goods, but carry out more effective u2018 hematopoietic u2019 poverty alleviation in the project village.” Fan Xining, head of the expert group of the China-Lao Poverty Reduction Demonstration Cooperation Project and the resident head of China in the China-Lao Joint Project Office, said that the Chinese expert group and the Laos implementation team learned from each other and promoted the implementation of the project as a whole.

In 2014, at the 17th ASEAN and China, Japan and South Korea (10+3) Leaders’ Meeting, China proposed to implement the “East Asia Poverty Reduction Cooperation Initiative”, carry out the rural poverty reduction promotion plan, and establish East Asia poverty reduction cooperation demonstration sites. Subsequently, China chose to carry out technical assistance projects for poverty reduction demonstration in East Asia in three countries, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, and sent expert groups to carry out infrastructure construction, community public services, industrial development, village capacity-building and other activities to provide demonstrations for poverty reduction in these countries.

From infrastructure to industry, from poverty alleviation to wisdom, China’s targeted poverty alleviation and targeted poverty alleviation model have been promoted in some Southeast Asian countries, so that local villagers can truly feel China’s wisdom and strength in poverty alleviation.

At the recent inaugural meeting of the Belt and Road Initiative Poverty Reduction and Development Alliance and the academic seminar on Global Sustainable Poverty Reduction and Development, Rajendra Shresta, a professor at the Asian Institute of Technology, said that Thailand is currently promoting poverty reduction through measures such as providing employment services and improving the “hematopoiesis” capacity in rural areas, which is related to China The country’s concept of targeted poverty alleviation has great similarities.

Kaimani Pensena, Minister of Industry and Trade and Chairman of Lao-China Cooperation, said: “Continue to strengthen the comprehensive construction of hardware and software systems in poor villages to achieve poverty alleviation, wealth and sustainable development. Laos and China can discuss and cooperate in greater depth.”

According to the relevant person in charge of the Poverty Alleviation Office of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi has hosted six China-ASEAN Social Development and Poverty Alleviation Forums, held dozens of international poverty reduction experience workshops, and shared poverty reduction experience with the international community. Poverty alleviation officials from more than 70 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America have successively visited Guangxi to study and exchange, inspect key projects in the fields of rural e-commerce development, industrial poverty alleviation, tourism poverty alleviation, financial poverty alleviation, education poverty alleviation and other fields. At present, Guangxi has completed poverty reduction demonstration projects such as China-Laos Cooperation Community and East Asia Poverty Reduction Demonstration Cooperation Technical Assistance.