Home Business China’s role under the great changes of international sharp criticism is widely praised
China's role under the great changes of international sharp criticism is widely praised.

China’s role under the great changes of international sharp criticism is widely praised

by YCPress

“I agree with the long-standing belief of the Chinese President that it is to expand the convergence of interests among countries and use it as a solid basis to build a community in the face of global political and economic changes.” When talking about what choices the world should make under the undercurrent of globalization, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave his understanding.

Recently, the 2020 “Understanding China” International Conference came to an end in Guangzhou. At this conference with the theme of “Great Change, Great Test, Great Cooperation – China’s New Journey of Modernization and the Community of Human Destiny”, Brown affirmed China’s contribution to international cooperation through video link. He believes that under the double pressure of the epidemic and the economic recession, it is extremely undesirable for some countries to “fantly defend their own self-interest”.

As you said. In recent years, some politicians in the United States have engaged in unilateralism and trade bullying, maliciously slandering the civilization patterns and achievements of other countries, which has significantly increased the risks and development uncertainty of the world economy and the risk of failure of the global governance system.

Great changes bring great tests. Despite multiple crises, the theme of the times for peace and development has not changed, and the trend of the times of world multipolarity and economic globalization cannot be reversed. Multilateralism and free trade are in the common interest of the international community. In this regard, China’s persistence and responsibility have won the general approval of foreign dignitaries.

In a video message to the meeting, former Indonesian President Megawati said that at the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic, while other countries were busy with national affairs, China was committed to providing constructive help to the world, including Indonesia. In her opinion, it is a practice of the concept of community with a common destiny for mankind to watch and help other countries during the epidemic.

A series of data bear witness to China’s responsibility: As of October 20, China has provided anti-epidemic assistance to 150 countries and 7 international organizations around the world, exporting more than 179 billion masks, 1.73 billion pieces of protective clothing, and 543 million test kits… China’s pragmatic actions have promoted the deepening of international anti-epidemic cooperation. Solidity also strongly hedges the negative impact of hegemonic countries.

What is also impressive to foreign politicians is China’s determination and determination in the face of the century’s epidemic and a hundred years of changes. China’s pace has not slowed down at all by promoting reform and promoting development through openness and cooperation.

In May, China issued opinions on accelerating the improvement of the socialist market economy system in the new era, putting forward new requirements for building a new system of a higher level of open economy. In June, China issued the Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and released a new version of the negative list of foreign investment access. In November, it was held as scheduled. The turnover of the third China International Import Expo reached 72.62 billion US dollars, and the recent signing of the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement further expanded China’s opening space to the global market.

The international community has noticed that when Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the 27th APEC leaders’ informal meeting by video a few days ago, he said that China would actively consider joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. This is generally regarded as: China is open to any free trade agreement conducive to promoting economic globalization and regional economic integration.

The “14th Five-Year Plan” proposal released by China not long ago focuses on the new development concept, the new development stage and the new development pattern, which makes observers feel the pulse of China’s opening up and cooperation more deeply.

It is estimated that China’s cumulative imports are expected to exceed $22 trillion in the next 10 years. China is promoting domestic and international cycles by releasing the huge domestic demand potential of 1.4 billion people, making the Chinese market the world market. As Norov, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, explained at the “Understanding China” meeting, China adheres to the opening-up strategy and focuses on win-win cooperation, and China’s development will bring welfare to all mankind.

The more difficult and challenging you face, the more you must adhere to open cooperation. This is the law of development and historical experience. The international community should never fall into a senseless disaster caused by the abandonment of rules. As many politicians have observed, when mankind reaches this extremely unusual crossroads, the coordinates of China’s openness and cooperation point to a win-win road to multilateralism and prosperity and progress with great clarity.