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China-Europe trains will open in November for 1238 trains.

by YCPress

Economic Daily-China Economic Network, Beijing, December 11 learned from China National Railway Group Co., Ltd.: In November, China-EU trains were stable and smooth, and continued to maintain high-level operation. 1,238 trains were opened and 115,000 bid boxes were transported, an increase of 64% and 73% year-on-year, respectively, and comprehensive heavy boxes. The rate is 98.8%.

The person in charge of the freight department of the State Railway Group said that the demand for China-EU trains continues to be strong, but due to the strengthening of epidemic prevention and control measures at port stations and the severe weather abroad, the port’s handover capacity has decreased, and some channels have slow movements during the train.

To this end, the railway department has actively taken countermeasures, scientifically deploying port capacity and transportation needs, and always regards China-EU trains as the top priority of international intermodal transport. It does not stop and does not limit loading, ensuring the stable operation and safe and smooth operation of China-EU trains.

First, strengthen source control and dredging. Give full play to the unified dispatch and command advantages of national railways, take phased transportation capacity control measures, and effectively relieve port congestion.

Second, accelerate the expansion and transformation of the port. Capacity expansion and transformation projects have been implemented at Horgos, Erlianhot and other ports, striving to improve the capacity of port stations to change and hand over.

Third, strengthen international coordination and cooperation. Strengthen communication and cooperation and emergency response, establish flexible port handover methods, and ensure the safety and smoothness of China-EU train channels.

The person in charge said that in the next step, the railway department will pay close attention to the transportation trends of China-EU trains, adjust the transportation organization measures in a timely manner, ensure the stable operation of China-EU trains, and strive to make positive contributions to the smooth domestic and international double cycle.