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China Congratulates Biden on attracting media attention

by YCPress

November 14 According to a Reuters report on November 13, China congratulated Biden on Friday. Biden won the election on November 3.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a regular press conference: “We have been following the domestic and international community’s response to this US presidential election. We respect the choices of the American people. We express this to Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris. congratulate.”

He also said: “At the same time, we understand that the outcome of the US election will be determined in accordance with US laws and procedures.” He reiterated the previous position of the Chinese government.

According to reports, Biden announced his victory in the vote counting in several swing states for several days.

According to a report from Agence France-Presse on November 13, China congratulated Biden on Friday, saying that China respects the “choice of the American people.”

According to reports, during the administration of the current US President Trump, Sino-US relations have become increasingly tense, and the relations between the two countries have fallen to the freezing point since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States.

The report also said that, however, whether the relationship between the two countries will improve during Biden’s administration is still unknown.

In addition, according to a report on the website of USA Today on November 13, Chinese media, political analysts and some officials said that the Biden administration may help restart Sino-US relations. During the Trump administration, the relations between the two countries deteriorated significantly due to trade, Coronavirus pandemic and other affairs.

The report quoted an expert as saying: “If Biden really wants to improve the U.S. economy and find a way out of the chaotic situation of Coronavirus pandemic, he needs to cooperate with China, not confront it.” The expert also pointed out that there is a gap between the way China and the United States view the world. The “differences” should not hinder each other’s working relationship.

Benjamin Friedman, the policy director of the US think tank “Defense First”, said that he expected Biden to be “tough” towards China but “in general there is not so much confrontational tone.”

According to the Associated Press report on November 13, political analysts predict that Biden will try to restore Sino-US cooperation on issues such as climate change, Iran and the epidemic. They said that Biden may adopt a more traditional and predictable policy toward China.

According to the report, economists and political analysts believe that the United States may not see major changes in its China policy.