Home Business China-Argentina cooperation is more than just beef and football. Long March 6 helps Argentina build a “joint satellite”
China-Argentina cooperation is more than just beef and football. Long March 6 helps Argentina build a "joint satellite"

China-Argentina cooperation is more than just beef and football. Long March 6 helps Argentina build a “joint satellite”

by YCPress

China-Argentina cooperation is far more than beef and football .

13 stars with one arrow! On November 6, the Long March 6 carrier rocket successfully sent 13 satellites into the predetermined orbit at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, including 10 remote sensing small satellites NewSat9-18 independently developed by the Argentine Satellite Logic Corporation.

This satellite high-tech company from Argentina hopes to build a remote sensing satellite constellation composed of 90 NewSat series satellites to achieve the goal of drawing a global map every week with a resolution of 1 meter on the ground. Users can spend according to their own needs. Low cost rents multiple satellites to acquire images or data within a certain period of time.

Thanks to the help of Long March 6, the commercial service of “Sharing Satellite” of the Argentine Satellite Logic Corporation has been launched. The sharing economy’s attempt in the aerospace field is undoubtedly groundbreaking, and more countries and regions without the ability to launch satellites can enjoy the application of satellite technology in various fields.

On November 6, my country used the Long March 6 launch vehicle at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center to successfully put the NewSat9-18 satellite into a predetermined orbit. (Photo by Zheng Escape)

Promote the “sharing economy” to heaven

On the evening of the 6th, researchers from far away in Argentina waited all night to witness the historic moment when the Long March 6 and 13 stars were launched. After 10 NewSat9-18 satellites are launched into orbit and the other 7 NewSat satellites are in orbit, Argentina is one step closer to the goal of building a satellite constellation that can provide commercial remote sensing services to the world.

You don’t need to launch satellites specifically, and you don’t need to buy images or data from satellite data companies. Instead, you can rent remote sensing satellite constellations for a certain period of time at an acceptable low cost. This is a “shared satellite” service launched by the Argentine Satellite Logic Corporation.

Emiliano Cajman, one of the founders of the Argentine Satellite Logic Company, introduced that the company was founded in 2010 and is committed to establishing a high-resolution remote sensing satellite constellation to obtain high-resolution revisit data and provide users with Faster surface detection and analysis services, is the world’s first vertically integrated geospatial analysis company.

“We want to create accurate and up-to-date global images to track the various factors that affect the earth every day in order to help solve a series of the most pressing problems facing the world.” Kajman said that in the future, the company plans to launch about 200 Remote sensing satellites.

After the remote sensing satellite constellation is completed, the company will be able to draw high-resolution images of the world once a week, which can provide scientific basis for research and monitoring in many fields such as agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, land, environment, and infrastructure. Wide application prospects. More importantly, satellite constellation resources are “shared” with global users, and satellite remote sensing services can be brought to the market at a price that users can afford.

Kajman said that “sharing satellites” has given small and medium-sized enterprises or countries and regions without satellite launching capabilities see hope. Customers can control the satellites and decide which images to take.

Chinese rockets are highly reliable

This launch mission is the first time that the Long March 6 launch vehicle has undertaken international commercial satellite launch services, and it is also the first time that a new generation of Long March series launch vehicles have completed an international commercial satellite order. For Argentina, this is the first time that Satellite Logic has purchased a whole arrow launch service internationally.

When it comes to China, Kajman sums it up as a “solid partner” and a “potentially huge market.” The Argentine Satellite Logic Corporation and China Great Wall Industry Group Co., Ltd. signed a contract. The Great Wall Company will use the Long March 6 launch vehicle to launch a total of 90 satellites for the Arab side at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center by using multiple rocket launches.

In addition, Satellite Logic has received multiple rounds of investment of tens of millions of dollars led by Chinese companies. Its 2013 A round of financing attracted the participation of China’s Tencent, and Tencent made two additional investments in 2017 and 2019.

The company’s other founder and head of technology, Richart, said in an interview that cooperation with China in the field of aerospace is of utmost importance. China’s self-developed rockets have strong reliability and extremely competitive launch costs. , The Long March series of carrier rockets are even more prestigious. The teams of the two parties have been closely cooperating and learning from each other in recent years. Chinese scientific researchers have helped companies solve many important technical problems in various links such as satellite launches, which has enabled the construction of remote sensing satellite constellations to advance steadily.

In Richard’s view, the establishment of a remote sensing service satellite constellation is inseparable from close cooperation in the global aerospace field. Satellite Logic’s headquarters and R&D facilities are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, satellite assembly and integration testing facilities are located in Uruguay, and the data technology center, product development center, and business development center are located in Spain, Israel and the United States. Due to close cooperation with China, the company established a new Chinese company in Beijing, responsible for exclusive constellation customization, data services and industry applications.

Ten Argentine NewSat9-18 satellites launched by the Long March 6 were assembled and tested in Montevideo, Uruguay

In addition to satellite launches, China is also an important source of parts procurement for Argentine Satellite Logic. Through the cooperation between the two parties, Argentina’s satellite remote sensing services have been applied in China, which has truly realized the complementary advantages and mutual benefit of both parties.

Last year, China’s Henan Province signed the first US$38 million use agreement with Argentine Satellite Logic through China’s Zhongke Guangqi. The company leased satellites to pass over Henan and applied related satellite remote sensing services to agriculture. field.

Chinese Ambassador to Argentina Zou Xiaoli said that the successful launch of the Long March 6 carrier rocket opened a new page in China-Argentina space technology cooperation.

Value Chinese technology and market

When it comes to Argentina, the Chinese people must first think of its beef or football. In fact, the cooperation between the two countries in recent years has gone far beyond the above-mentioned areas. The two countries have had very good cooperation in many high-tech fields. The Long March 6 launch of the Argentine satellite is an example of this.

At the China International Trade in Services Fair held in Beijing not long ago, Argentina sent top domestic high-tech companies to participate in the exhibition, a group of them in the fields of digital economy, aerospace, software, logistics, industrialized agriculture, tourism, e-commerce, financial technology, etc.

Industry benchmark companies have gained a lot. Through the platform of the Trade Fair, Argentina looks forward to cooperating with China in more emerging fields.

Picture taken by NewSat series satellites (profile picture)

Argentine President Fernandez said in an interview with reporters on the eve of the Service and Trade Fair that Argentina has given a great degree of incentives to high-tech service trade enterprises at the national level. The solid development of a group of related enterprises benefited from the influence of national laws on developing knowledge economy The state encourages enterprises to participate in local construction and expand international business.

He specifically mentioned the cooperation between the Argentine Satellite Logic Company and China’s Henan Province, saying that this is a vivid example of cooperation between the two countries in the aerospace field.

Under the epidemic situation, China-Argentina scientific and technological cooperation has overcome difficulties and produced great results. As an active promoter of international cooperation on Coronavirus vaccine, Argentina has initiated phase three clinical trials of the Coronavirus vaccine with many countries. In August, Argentina joined the Phase III international clinical trial of the COVID-19 inactivated vaccine developed by Sinopharm Group. Sinopharm and local pharmaceutical companies in Argentina will jointly promote the development and use of the COVID-19 vaccine.

This year, the Argentine flag took a Chinese spacecraft to travel in space for the first time. The Long March 5 was printed with the logo of the National Space Activities Committee of Argentina; the largest photovoltaic power plant in Argentina built by a Chinese company was officially put into operation recently, which will not only change the long-term lack of electricity in the northern plateau. , It also contributes to the upgrading of Argentina’s energy structure; the face recognition technology provided by China is widely used in major transportation hubs in Argentina, providing an important guarantee for Argentina’s anti-epidemic u2026u2026

As Rubin Guiniro, director of the Argentina Institute of Industrial Technology, said in an interview with reporters, China has important value in technology and the market, and scientific and technological cooperation with China is a good opportunity for Argentina’s development.