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China and Egypt sign a letter of intent to cooperate on the novel coronavirus vaccine

by YCPress

Cairo, December 31 On behalf of China’s National Health Commission of China and Population, Mohammed Hassani, the Chinese Ambassador to Egypt, signed the Letter of Intent for Cooperation on the Coronavirus Vaccine on behalf of the 31st.

The signing ceremony was held in the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population. Liao Liqiang also held a meeting with Egyptian Minister of Health and Population, Hara Zayed, on the same day.

Liao Liqiang said that the virus knows no borders and people of all countries have the right to obtain vaccines and drugs. A variety of vaccines in China are carrying out three phases of clinical trials in many countries, and they are progressing smoothly.

China has approved the emergency use of vaccines in China, and the Chinese bio-coronavirus inactivated vaccine of the State Pharmaceutical Group has been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration for listing conditionally. The clinical trial data so far show that China’s coronavirus vaccine has good safety and effectiveness.

Liao Liqiang believes that the signing of the Letter of Intent for Cooperation between China and Egypt on COVID-19 Vaccine will strongly promote the relevant institutions of the two countries to strengthen cooperation in the research and development, production and use of COVID-19 vaccine.

In the face of the fierce epidemic, China and Egypt are in the same boat and help each other through thick and thin. The signing of the letter of intent is a vivid interpretation of the joint construction of a health community between China and Egypt.

Zayed said that Egypt-China relations are particularly friendly, the comprehensive strategic partnership has continued to deepen, and cooperation between the two countries in various fields, especially in the field of health, has been further expanded.

China gives full play to the joint efforts of the government and enterprises to give Egypt its firm support and strong assistance during the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. Egypt highly appreciates and sincerely thanks it.

Zayed said that the third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine of China National Pharmaceutical Group in Egypt are progressing smoothly, and its safety and efficacy have been scientifically certified. Egypt is sincerely willing to carry out anti-epidemic cooperation with China, including vaccines, and expects China’s continued support.