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Check the latest Tokyo Olympic Guide for 2021 Olympic Games.

by YCPress

At the beginning of the New Year, the official website of the Tokyo Olympic Games released the latest 2021 Olympic Year Guide on the 1st, which details the Tokyo Olympic activities worth paying attention to. Among them, the restarted first Olympic qualification will start on March 4, and the Olympic torch relay ceremony will start on March 25.

January 5: 200 days countdown to the Tokyo Olympic Games

Across the haze of 2020, the new year lets us look forward again. The world’s best athletes will eventually stand on the stage of the Olympic Games. Take your place!

January-February: Sports events return to track

Starting from January, major sports events will start one after another. The men’s handball world championship will start on January 13, while the first tennis grand slam of the new year, the Australian Open, will start on January 18. In the next few weeks, the tour of badminton, wrestling, judo, hockey, track cycling, synchronized swimming, karate and other events will also begin one by one.

March 4: Synchronized swimming

The first Olympic qualification in 2021 will be held in synchronized swimming, when athletes from all countries will compete fiercely for valuable Olympic qualifications.

March 25: Olympic torch relay – “Hope illuminates the way forward”

The Olympic torch relay will begin on March 25. The route covers 47 prefectures and prefectures across Japan, including the March 11 earthquake disaster areas in 2011. 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the earthquake. The Olympic torch relay will show the achievements of the reconstruction of the disaster area and become a ray of hope in the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic.

April 10: Water polo test match

The test competition of 18 competition items will be restarted in 2021. The test competition will focus on three key aspects: the venue of each project, the application of technology and the manpower required, especially the testing of technologies related to COVID-19 prevention. The water polo test match held at the Tatsumi Water Polo Center will be one of the earliest test matches to start.

April 14: 100 days countdown to the Tokyo Olympic Games

Mid-April will usher in the countdown to the Tokyo Olympic Games for 100 days, and the pace of the Olympic Games is getting closer and closer!

April 18 – May 4: World Cup held in Tokyo

The Diving World Cup and the Competitive Gymnastics World Cup will open on April 18 and May 4 respectively. It is worth looking forward to who will win the World Cup in Tokyo!

April 28: Skateboard test

Skateboarding is one of the five new sports items added to the Tokyo Olympic Games. On April 28, the Tokyo Olympic skateboard test will kick off at Tokyo Youming City Sports Park. Let’s look forward to the cool performance of skateboarders.

June 23: Olympic Day + Tokyo Olympic Games Countdown to One Month

On Olympic Day in 2021, it coincides with a month’s countdown to the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games! Would you like to review the global fitness Dalian line activities on last Olympic Day first?

July 23-August 8: Tokyo Olympic Games

After a long wait, the Tokyo Olympic Games will finally open on July 23. At that time, we will celebrate the unity and tenacity of mankind.

August 24th to September 5th: Tokyo Paralympic Games

After the Tokyo Olympic Games, we will focus on the Tokyo Paralympic Games. In 12 days, about 4,000 athletes will participate in up to 540 competitions in 22 events.