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Can’t filter out air, Panama restricts masks with breathing valves

by YCPress

According to a report by Panamanian Bamei newspaper on the 15th, the Panamanian Ministry of Health issued a notice that citizens are prohibited from wearing KN95 masks with breathing valves in indoor environments, but not in outdoor open spaces.

According to the report, because this mask with breathing valve can only filter the inhaled air but not the air exhaled, such a one-way function has not been effective in preventing infection.

If a person infected by the virus exhales viral gas in a crowded room, it will greatly increase the probability of infection of the surrounding population.

In view of this, the Ministry of Health of Panama recommends the use of three-layer medical masks to citizens, but the Ministry of Health reminds citizens not to buy bulk goods cheaply when buying, and must buy boxes to reduce the possibility of buying inferior goods.

Be sure to read the use guidelines carefully before using them, so as to effectively prevent infection. Effect.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health of Panama, the number of deaths caused by the novel coronavirus in Panama so far is 3,309, which is one of the countries with relatively mild epidemic situation in Central and South America.

It is reported that this has a great relationship with the government’s strict control over the use of protective tools.