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Canadian researchers say colchicine has a positive effect in coronavirus treatment trials

by YCPress

Toronto, January 23 The medical research team in Montreal, Canada, announced that they found colchicine (colchicine) has a positive effect in the treatment of COVID-19 and can become an effective oral drug against COVID-19.

Colchicine, also known as colchicine and Coke Xipin, is often used to treat and prevent symptoms caused by gout.

According to the news released by the Montreal Heart Research Institute on January 23, colchicine clinical trials have provided clinically convincing results.

The study said that this “significant scientific discovery” made colchicine “the world’s first oral drug available to treat non-inpatient patients with COVID-19”.

The Institute’s team conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of nearly 4,488 people infected with COVID-19 in Canada, the United States, Europe, South America and South Africa.

The research team said that the efficacy of colchicine has been verified in nasopharyngeal nucleic acid tests in 4,159 patients.

Its study found that colchicine can reduce hospitalizations by 25%, reduce the demand for respiratory equipment by 50%, and reduce the number of deaths by 44%.

Jean-Claude Tardif, head of the research team and director of the research center of the Institute, said that the study showed that colchicine can effectively prevent major inflammatory storms and reduce related complications caused by the novel coronavirus.

Spartan Biotechnology, an Ottawa-based medical diagnostic equipment company, announced on the 23rd that its rapid and convenient test kit for the novel coronavirus has been approved by Health Canada.

The company’s rapid detection equipment was approved in April last year, but it was recalled a month later due to doubts about its validity.

As of the evening of the 23rd, Canada had reported more than 737,000 cases, with a new 5,957 new cases in a single day; 18,828 deaths and 65,750 active cases.

Canadian Chief Public Health Officer Tan Yongshi said in a statement that the number of new cases per day in the past 10 days is on a downward trend.

She said it was too early to ensure a steady downward trend, although this suggests that restrictions on community-based epidemic prevention may begin to work.

In a long-term care home in Barrie, Ontario, almost all of the nearly 130 hospital members were infected with the novel coronavirus, and more than 80 other staff members were infected.

Local health authorities revealed that many of them have been diagnosed with Variant viruses that appeared in the UK. This serious mass violence discovery has resulted in 32 deaths.

A teenager working in a long-term care home in the western part of the province also died of the novel coronavirus, becoming the youngest death in the area.