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Canadian beavers "bite" the Internet

Canadian beavers “bite” the Internet

by YCPress

Internet access was cut off in a small Town in Canada because the beaver chewed off the fiber optic cable.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation website reported on the 26th, since 4 a.m. on the 24th, the British Columbia town of Tamborough Ridge Internet connection was interrupted, affecting 900 local Internet users.

Local Internet operator Telstra said in a statement that staff found the beaver gnawing off fiber optic cables in several places, causing “serious damage” and causing local network outages.

The fiber optic cables were buried 1 meter underground, and there were 12 cm thick catheters outside, but they were still gnawed through by beavers. The beavers “destroyed” as if to obtain damming materials. Photographs showed the glue, which had been buried underground and used to mark fiber optic cables, appear on a dam built by the beaver.

Telecommunications company staff rushed to repair, Tamboro Ridge 25 by 3:30 p.m. to fully restore Internet connectivity.

Beavers are Canada’s “national beasts” and are known for their expertise in damming, which causes a lot of trouble. The mayor of a small town in the Canadian province of Quebec complained two weeks ago that nearly 800 beavers had dammed 200 locally, causing localised flooding.