Home Politics Can Trump make a comeback? Media hold different views.
Can Trump make a comeback? Media hold different views.

Can Trump make a comeback? Media hold different views.

by YCPress

News Network reported on February 15 that foreign media have different views on whether former U.S. President Trump can make a comeback.

Newsweek: It is expected to seek public office again

According to the newsweek website on February 13, Trump’s acquittal means that he can run for federal office again.

While he has yet to announce his plans for the 2024 presidential campaign, he said when he left the White House last month: “We’re going to come back here in some form.”

Many of Trump’s supporters seem to agree with his idea of returning. According to recent polls, the majority of voters who voted for Trump believe that Trump should run for president in 2024.

And nearly two-thirds of Republican voters said they would consider joining the new Trump-led party.

Chris Edelson, an assistant professor at American University in Washington, D.C., said that he was most worried about these supporters and members of Congress who still support Trump.

Edelson told Newsweek: “We have gone through a lot of tests in the past few years, first Trump’s candidacy, and finally the attack on the Capitol.

Every time the question is: Is there anything Republicans feel excessive? Sadly, the answer is no.

Edelson said he believes the Republican Party is currently “Trump’s party” and far-right groups such as Anonymous Q still have influence on some elected Republicans in Congress.

The trial is unlikely to change people’s perception of Trump or the January 6 Capitol events, says law scholar Jonathan Turley.

“I think this trial will strengthen rather than change the position of the majority of voters,” he said.

Financial Times: Political power continues to weaken

According to the Financial Times website on February 13, although Trump may be satisfied with avoiding being convicted of encouraging attacks on Congress, his political image has been greatly damaged this time.

Even Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell did not hesitate to say he hoped Trump would withdraw from Republican politics and said he might face criminal prosecution.

Trump considered running for president again in 2024, jokingly calling for his own personal campaign — but all of these potential roles have been overshadowed by events that have happened over the past few weeks.

Although most Republican voters remain loyal to him, the former president still has to deal with a disgraceful reputation and doubts about his political future.

Republican strategist John Fihry said: “Attack on Congress is not good for Trump’s political legacy.

If he had acted like all the losers, he would have had had the opportunity to be in a very advantageous position when he ran for president again.”

“I think people recognize that after January 6, Trump’s reputation has been devised in the minds of political donors, the American business community and many voters,” said Matt Trill, a Republican strategist at Farrhouse Strategic Consulting in Washington.

“Trump’s political power is likely to continue to weaken,” said Lara Brown, dean of George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management.