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Can Trump get a pension?

Can Trump get a pension?

by YCPress

January 12, local time, the U.S. House of Representatives voted with 222 people in favor of 204 people to pass the resolution, urging Vice President Pence and the Cabinet to use the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to remove Donald Trump from the presidency. Immediately afterwards, U.S. House Speaker Pelosi announced that nine Democratic members would serve as impeachment managers.

Previously, Pence had written to Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Pelosi, expressing his attitude in the name that “the national interests of the United States will be threatened if President Trump is removed from office”.

Pence said that he would not succumb to the House resolution and would not participate in this political game at a critical moment in the United States. He also said that the 25th Amendment to the Constitution “is not a means of punishment or usurpation of power” and that once invoked it would “create a terrible precedent”.

As a result, Pelosi is bound to launch Plan B to impeach Trump. This is the first time in history that the current president of the United States has been impeached twice during his term.

Trump’s term of office expires on January 20. After the capture of Congress by the “King of Qin” on January 6, Trump promised to hand over as scheduled.

In a letter to Pelosi, Pence mentioned the Trump administration’s commitment to “to ensure an orderly transition at the last minute of the transition.” So why does Pelosi still “chase” Trump, who is about to be no longer the President of the United States?

Trump made his first public appearance on January 12 after congressional riots.

First of all, Trump is not willing to “take defeat”.

In promising the January 20 handover, Trump did not forget to say, “Although I completely disagree with the outcome of this election and my views have proved correct, there will be an orderly handover on January 20”.

On January 12, Fox News said that Trump admitted some mistakes in private conversations with House Republican Leader McCarthy – Trump allegedly said he was “suming some responsibility”.

However, on January 12, when Trump made his first appearance since the riots in Congress and stepped on the “Air Force One” to Texas, he publicly told the media that he was not responsible for the January 6 incident.

The January 6 riots in the United States Congress have killed five people.

Secondly, although Trump is leaving office, will he leave the White House as a retired president and enjoy the retirement treatment of the outgoing president, or will he become a real civilian after being dismissed? Biden, the Democratic side headed by Pelosi, cares a lot about this.

After all, Trump has more than 70 million votes in terms of popular votes, only 7 million fewer than Biden. Trump’s popular vote in the 2020 election is much higher than he personally won when he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Pelosi is in his 80s, and Biden is also in his late 80s. At present, the Democratic Party cannot push out a strong young politician. Obviously, today’s dismissal and impeachment have the taste of preparing for the 2024 election. Otherwise, in 2024, Trump can’t make a comeback.

At present, Pelosi’s second impeachment against Trump will not only be voted by the House of Representatives, but also submitted to the Senate for a vote. That is to say, it is necessary to go through a lengthy voting process.

But Pelosi still wants to push it like this. When Trump was first impeached, it was because the Republican-held Senate could not pass the impeachment bill. At present, the presidential election of the United States is likely that the impeachment of Trump has not been completed since Biden took office.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell

The good news for Pelosi is that Senate Majority Leader McConnell is also considering “clean party”. McConnell did not openly talk to Trump after the resumption of the U.S. House of Representatives on January 6 and Pence’s announcement that Biden was elected president.

According to media, McConnell has privately called Trump a “sloping duck” and is ready to cut off his seat.

In the House of Representatives, Republican power figure Liz Cheney has said that he will vote for impeaching Trump. She said: “The current president gathered the mob and set them on the flame of the attack.

Everything that happened next was what he did.

In 2016, the Republicans found Trump’s life-saving straw and defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the opinion of Xiaoyin, this impeachment process may not be completed smoothly or successful, but after the impeachment process is launched, everyone in the Republicans must take a stand.

At this time, let everyone see who is still standing with Trump.

You know, the Republican Party has been weak before the 2016 election. If it hadn’t been for Trump, a real estate developer and talk show guest who switched from the Democratic camp, the Republican Party would not have defeated Hillary Clinton at all.

Now, if the Republican Party is divided on Trump, the 2024 election may become easier for Democrats.

Nixon stepped down due to the “Watergate incident”

For Trump himself, he is indeed facing whether he can make a comeback in 2024. Nixon, who was impeached for the “Watergate incident”, although pardoned by his successor Ford, Nixon has since completely withdrawn from politics.

As for Trump, who refuses to accept defeat, he is likely not to withdraw from politics until he has to.

There are current online rumors that Democrats want to dismiss Trump early and “thus never run again in future campaigns,” said Robert Peck, a constitutional expert at the Center for Constitutional Litigation, which actually has no relevant restrictions in the Constitution.

If dismissed, it only means ‘temporary dismissal from office’, but does not mean that you can’t run in the future.” But in the event of impeachment success, the Senate may temporarily add a sentence to the impeachment case that Donald Trump will not be involved in politics for life.

Florida Congressman Hastings encountered it in 1989.

The impact of this impeachment is indeed great for Trump.

First of all, the pension issue.

Regardless of how much Trump was paid while in office, in terms of the retirement treatment of the President of the United States – if he is not removed or impeached, Trump can earn more than $200,000 a year as a retired president under the Outgoing President Act passed in 1958.

The wife of the former president can get 20,000 US dollars in pocket money. In addition to annual salary, the former president can also reimburse the expenses related to renting offices and hiring staff anywhere in the United States.

Just over $200,000, and some office facilities, don’t seem to care much for Trump, a real estate developer with a net worth of $2 billion in 2020, but you know, the future is unpredictable.

For example, Adelson, a rich Jewish businessman, who is behind Trump’s politics, has just died of cancer complications, which is certainly not good news for Trump.

Another bad news is–

Deutsche Bank announced that it would no longer do business with Trump except to supervise the repayment of $300 million owed by Trump; Signature Bank announced that it would close two Trump’s private accounts, even if there were $5.3 million in deposits in the account, even if Trump’s Ivanka was still the bank. Director of the bank.

What does it mean for the banks to say goodbye to Trump?

Money can solve anything, that’s not a problem! More important than pensions is that the President of the United States will receive lifelong secret service protection after retirement. 

Laughter feels that if Trump’s impeachment bill passes, if he can’t get the secret service protection provided by the U.S. government, he will have to spend a lot of money to increase bodyguards.

Once he loses his status as “retired president”, Trump may still face many difficulties.

Acting federal prosecutor Michael Sherwin in Washington, D.C., has told the media that the U.S. Department of Justice will consider criminal prosecutions against those who “worked” in the violent shock Congress.