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Cambodia's first case of “community transmission” of Covid-19

Cambodia’s first case of “community transmission” of Covid-19

by YCPress

According to a circular issued by the Ministry of Health of Cambodia on the 30th, due to the outbreak of cases of unknown origin, Cambodia has the first case of community-borne COVID-19 infection.

In his speech on the same day, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen named the incident “Community Communication Incident on November 28” and called on relevant contacts to go to the test site for nucleic acid testing. Relevant departments should do a good job in isolation, and the whole country has entered a state of strict prevention.

On the 28th, a 56-year-old woman in Cambodia tested positive for nucleic acid three days after developing cold symptoms. After that, her husband, director of the General Administration of Prisons of the Ministry of the Interior of Cambodia, and four other families, tested positive for nucleic acid.

Due to his husband’s recent participation in several sectoral meetings, officials and their families of five ministries, namely, the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs, Environment Minister, Tourism and Justice of Cambodia, which he contacted, had to undergo nucleic acid testing and quarantine for 14 days.

The shopping malls, restaurants and hotels visited by the woman and her family have been temporarily closed for the first time. Meanwhile, Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports announced the closure of all private schools in the country for two weeks.

So far, 3,332 people associated with contacts have been tested for nucleic acid for COVID-19, and a total of 14 people have tested positive.

As of the morning of the 30th, there were 323 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Cambodia, 301 cured, and there were no deaths.