Home World Calling Bali a “gay paradise”, an American woman was expelled from Indonesia
Calling Bali a "gay paradise", an American woman was expelled from Indonesia

Calling Bali a “gay paradise”, an American woman was expelled from Indonesia

by YCPress

Recently, the Indonesian government wanted to expel an American woman from Bali because she posted a post on Twitter, promoting Bali as a “cheap and friendly foreign gay” tourist destination.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on the 20th, the woman’s name is Kristen Gray (Kristen Gray). A year ago, Gray, who was originally born and raised in Los Angeles, moved to Bali with his girlfriend.

She described this tourist attraction as a “perfect paradise.” On Twitter, she “praised” Bali for being friendly to gay people, and she also liked the local “low cost of living”.

“This island is amazing because we have practiced a noble lifestyle at a much lower cost. I’m here The studio in Los Angeles spent $1,300, and now I can trade $400 for a tree house.”

Gray also promoted his own e-book called “Our Bali Life Is Yours” on Twitter.

The book is said to be in contact with visa agents and provides tips on how foreigners can enter Indonesia during the pandemic. .

The BBC article pointed out that most residents of Bali believe in Hinduism, while Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, and the country’s acceptance of homosexuals is not high. 

Singapore’s “Straits Times” reported citing a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center last June that only 9% of Indonesians can accept homosexuality.

Gray’s remarks, which many Indonesians saw as “apostate”, initially caused a strong response on the local Internet, and soon attracted the attention of Indonesian immigration officials. 

The Indonesian government pointed out that Gray may have violated a number of immigration laws, including disseminating information that may make the public “uneasy”-such as Bali’s homosexuality and foreigners’ ease of entering Indonesia during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, Indonesia The government also accused Gray of illegally working without a business visa.

In this regard, Gray said that she became a target because she openly confessed that she was a homosexual. 

Gray is currently being held in an immigration detention center.

Once there is a flight, the Indonesian authorities will deport him.