Home Politics Cairo issues a statement after news of the execution of an Egyptian engineer in Saudi Arabia, whose case occupied public opinion
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Cairo issues a statement after news of the execution of an Egyptian engineer in Saudi Arabia, whose case occupied public opinion

by YCPress

Source: “Al Watan”

The Egyptian Minister of Immigration, Nabila Makram, announced the details of the case of Eng.

Ali Abu Al-Qasim, who was previously sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia on charges of bringing narcotics.

And the Minister of Immigration confirmed that the judiciary in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Had decided to suspend the execution of the death sentence, indicating that a new date had been set for tomorrow’s session, Thursday, January 28.

The Ministry of Immigration denied, “what is circulating on some social media sites of false and unfounded information about the case.”

The Minister of Immigration contacted Mrs. Ibtisam, the wife of Engineer Ali Abu Al-Qassem, to reassure her that the situation will be followed up by the competent authorities.

In this regard, Makram called on the citizens to be accurate and not to publish any false information, stressing that no new data was issued about the case, and that the Ministry of Immigration is keen to provide public opinion with all data and information in a timely manner.

The Ministry of Immigration had previously contacted a large number of authorities over the past two years and held meetings with the consulate, the Egyptian embassy in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi embassy in

Cairo to find out the dimensions of this case, as this came after the Ministry of Immigration reviewed the messages of the wife and children of the Egyptian engineer through social media, during which they demanded The Saudi authorities re-investigations to prove the innocence of their only parent.

The Ministry of Immigration revealed that, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, contact was made with the Egyptian Ministry of Justice and the Office of International Cooperation at the Office of the Public Prosecutor, where a request was sent to the

Saudi authorities to re-investigations, based on the Egyptian judicial position on the case, especially with the existence of Arab judicial cooperation agreements that allow the exchange of information.

The Ministry of Immigration also contacted the Egyptian Public Prosecutor to support the finalization of sending all papers related to the case, which prove the engineer’s innocence, to the Saudi side, and followed up the situation until all the case files were sent.