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Cabore was re-elected President of Burkina Faso

by YCPress

Lomé, November 26 Ouagadougou: The results of the presidential election released by Burkina Faso, a West African country, on the 26th show that the candidate of the People’s Movement for Progress and current President Cabore won the presidential election.

According to the final statistics of the Independent National Electoral Commission of Burkina Faso, Cabore received 57.87% of the vote, and its main competitor, Eddie Comboigo, the candidate of the Congress for Democracy and Progress, and Zefilan Diabre, candidate of the Alliance for Progress, received 15.48% and 12.46 respectively. % of votes.

The Constitutional Council of Burkina Faso will confirm the final statistical results of the Independent National Electoral Commission and announce the confirmation results at a certain time.

Burkina Faso held presidential and national congress elections on November 22, and the country has about 6.49 million registered voters.

Cabore was born in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, in 1957. Since 1989, he has successively served as the government minister of transport, the minister of state and the minister of state for financial planning, the prime minister, the president of the National Assembly, etc. In 2015, he was elected president for the first time.

The President of Burkina Faso is elected for a term of five years and can be re-elected once.