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A local case of infection with a mutant strain of COVID-19 has been found in Cyprus.

Build a “Primrose” vaccine booth, Italy cheers up the country

by YCPress

In order to achieve large-scale vaccination against the novel coronavirus next year, the Italian government will start to build 1,500 vaccine booths with the “Primrose” logo.

CNN reported on the 16th that in order to carry out vaccination and publicity, from January 2021, Italy will build 1,500 temporary vaccine booths with the “Primrose” logo in urban centers and squares across the country.

According to the report, the building is designed and built by Stefano Boelli, a famous Italian architect, with a wooden interior and a fabric shell. Boeri said that the rose-red “primrose” symbolizes “regeneration” and “tranquility”.

“Vaccination is a manifestation of civic responsibility, and a process of caring for others and rediscovering the beauty of life,” he said. Italian Prime Minister Conte said that “primrose” means the recovery of everything, and Italy will use “recovery as the primrose bloom” as a propaganda slogan to promote vaccination.

According to the latest statistics, Italy’s death toll from COVID-19 has exceeded 65,000, the highest in Europe. Italy’s deputy minister of health, Sileri, said that if the vaccination rate is not ideal next year, the government will not rule out mandatory vaccination measures to ensure public health and people’s health.