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British tourists gathered to party in Sydney. Australian officials: Maybe repatriate!

British tourists gathered to party in Sydney. Australian officials: Maybe repatriate!

by YCPress

A red Christmas hat is full of red, but you don’t wear a mask.

After the British found the mutant novel coronavirus in the middle of the moon, the British people’s plan to celebrate Christmas has been “in vain”, but it was not expected that hundreds of British tourists still had achieved a “Christmas carnival” in Sydney, Australia.

On the afternoon of December 25, carnivals sang and danced on the beach and grass, drank and chatted.

Most of them did not wear masks and did not have social distancing at all, in violation of local epidemic prevention regulations.

After the exposure of the “uninvited guests” on the beach, the anger of the Australian people gradually fermented in a few days, and the Australian Immigration Minister also warned today (29th) that “their visas may be withdrawn and cancelled.”

Pictured from social media, the same below

Hundreds of people held Christmas parties near Bronte Beach in eastern Sydney on the afternoon of Christmas (December 25), according to the BBC on December 29.

Many people wear Christmas hats, but few wear masks. Revelers broke the epidemic prevention regulations, drank, sang and danced, causing dissatisfaction among the local people.

Peter Hannam, a reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Times, told the BBC that they believed that the vast majority of the people at the scene were from Britain, or “not Australians”.

“You can hear a lot of people playing British accents, and some people wearing British football team jerseys,” Hannum said.

The reporter was walking with his family, passing the party just by and uploaded the live photos to the social network.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald on December 25, the New South Wales police dispatched, and the public order and riot control team issued expulsion orders to the people at the scene. The crowd was then dispersed by the police.

A netizen who claimed to be a local resident in another tweet said: Strangely, the police at the scene did not wear masks.

Photos released by Australian News Network show that many policemen who disperse the crowd do not wear masks.

Reporter Hannum said that police and helicopters later came to the scene. Videos on social media show that even after the police appeared, some people were reluctant to leave.

NSW police told the BBC that no punishment was issued for any revelers at the scene that day.” There are so many people to deal with that it is impossible to take action against everyone,” a police spokesman said.

Relevant news and information on social media aroused the anger of the Australian people. Many people vent their emotions on the Internet, saying that their behavior is “selfish” compared with people who “end the inconvenience of isolation”.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard told reporters on the 26th that “this is extremely shocking”, “the people at this big gathering don’t care about other Sydney people at all” and worry that it may be a “super spread incident” that ruins collective efforts. .

According to the comprehensive BBC and The Guardian, Sydney has not had any new cases in several months after implementing strong stay-at-home measures, but there have been another infection recently, and more than a dozen people have been diagnosed. The confirmed case went to three stores in the city center and two supermarkets in the eastern suburbs.

Bronte Beach is also located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

There are also people who are dissatisfied with the police’s handling, and they don’t take punitive measures against those people and “let them go easily”.

Today (29th), Alex Hawke, the Minister for Immigration Affairs, said he was “shocked” at the scenes on Bronte Beach and warned that “if someone endangers public safety and health, their visas may be withdrawn and cancelled.”

According to the Guardian, Hawke said that he was considering “repatriating those who violated the regulations” and had ordered the interior to cooperate with the local police to confirm the identity and passport of the party participants. But Labour MPs said he was making “invalid threats”.

Since the discovery of the mutant strain of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom, more than 50 countries and regions around the world have announced a ban on navigation and people’s travel to the United Kingdom. However, Australia is very exceptional.

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt said on the 21st that there are no plans to follow the example of other countries to stop flights from the United Kingdom, explaining that “our isolation method is different from that in Europe”.

On the same day, Kerry Chant, the chief health officer of New South Wales, confirmed that two returning tourists from the United Kingdom tested positive for the novel coronavirus and that they were infected with a mutant strain.