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British representative: I hope that the UK and Europe will reach a comprehensive agreement

by YCPress

London, November 15 David Frost, the chief representative of Britain’s “Brexit” negotiations, said on the 15th that he hoped that the UK and the EU could reach a comprehensive agreement.

The UK and EU teams started a new round of future relations negotiations with a trade agreement as the core at the EU headquarters in Brussels on the 15th. Before the start of the negotiations, Frost stated on social media that since October 22, the UK and EU teams have been negotiating future relations almost every day, and the two sides have made some positive progress.

He said that the two sides now basically have a common draft agreement, but have not yet reached an agreement on important content. If possible, the two parties will try to reach a comprehensive agreement on this basis. But he also reminded that there is a possibility of unsuccessful negotiations.

Some British media believe that EU leaders will hold a video summit on November 19 to discuss the latest situation of pandemic, which will become the deadline for the EU to reach an agreement on future relations. Previously, analysts believed that the two parties must reach an agreement before mid-November to ensure sufficient time to complete their respective legal procedures.

Britain officially “Brexit” on January 31 this year, and then entered an 11-month transition period. If the UK and Europe fail to reach a trade agreement during the transition period, the trade between the two sides will return to the WTO framework from 2021 and re-implement border inspections and tariffs.

Britain and the EU started negotiations on future relations in March and look forward to reaching an agreement during the transition period. However, after several rounds of negotiations, the two sides still have serious differences on the level of playing field, contract performance management and fishery issues.