Home Politics British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in big trouble…
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in big trouble...

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in big trouble…

by YCPress

It must not be Boris Johnson who is the leader of the country who has been the most anxious in recent times.

Girlfriend dry government door, mistress door, embezzled public money door, official businessmen colluded door, decoration door, blast and insult 100,000 Coronavirus dead … Johnson became a front-page regular in the British media for three days because of scandals.

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In Parliament on April 30th, the Labour leader launched a series of scuffles over a series of scandals that entangled Mr Johnson, and in the face of questioning mr Johnson’s anger, he blushed in denial of the allegations.

According to british reporters at the scene, Johnson was so angry that his nostrils zoomed in, his eyes wide open, and smoke billowed from his head. This dramatic picture has also become a number of British media teasing material.

The “renovation door” continues to ferment

On April 28th Britain’s Electoral Commission launched an investigation into Mr Johnson’s renovation of the prime minister’s apartment, sparking a collective uproar in the British media. According to the Committee’s report, there are “reasonable grounds” to suspect that criminal acts may have been committed in the proceeds of the renovation of the Prime Minister’s flat.

The Guardian even ran four pictures of Johnson’s angry crown on its front page to show his extreme gaffes. Commenting on the performance, the British media said: “I have never seen Boris Johnson so blushing with a thick neck.”

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No wonder Johnson was red-eyed. Mr Johnson and his fiancee, Mr Simmonds, may have to hand over personal email and text message records in the face of a formal investigation by the Electoral Commission, and Downing Street appears to be a thief, “worried about written records.”

The Daily Telegraph added that the regulator could also order Tory whips and government advisers to share communications and financial documents with them and “potentially inspect Tory HQ.”

During the investigation, Johnson had to give evidence to regulators that the case would be referred to the police for a criminal investigation “if it is suspected that any undeclared funds were deliberately used for renovations.” As a result, he is likely to “become the first prime minister to be carefully questioned on suspicion of breaking the law”.

In short, the so-called “renovation door” incident is that Johnson and his fiancee were suspected of “illegally using a political donation of 58,000 pounds” to renovate their Downing Street home.

Under the rules, the Prime Minister can spend up to 30,000 pounds a year on renovating the mansion while in Downing Street. But when Johnson and his fiancee, Kelly Simmonds, moved in, the money didn’t seem to be enough to cover the cost of the couple’s renovations.

It was Mr Cummings, a former adviser to Boris Johnson and a former close friend, who lit the “renovation door” fuse. “Boris has hinted that Tory political donors should be allowed to secretly pay for the renovations,” he said in a blog post on April 23. The whole renovation cost about 200,000 pounds, of which 58,000 pounds were alleged to have been illegally used in political donations.”

After a week of fermentation, the incident became a “bombshell” for opposition MPs attacking Mr Johnson. Cummings has no intention of closing the case, saying he will give evidence to Congress in May. William Hague, the former Tory leader, warned that Cummings could hold credible evidence such as recordings, screenshots and emails.

Just let the bodies pile up in the mountains?

Cummings’s revelations are like opening the Pandora’s Box, and more scandals about Johnson follow.

On April 26th the Daily Mail reported that Mr Johnson had resisted being re-sealed because of the outbreak, even shouting: “I won’t seal the city again, let thousands of bodies pile up!” ”

The remarks came as Britain had just ended its first blockade, but the incomplete blockade caused a surge in new cases, adding nearly 22,000 to the day and 326 deaths. Hospitals are overloaded, countless people are locked out of emergency rooms, people die of lack of oxygen in hospital corridors, parking lots and homes, Boris believes that the economy is more important than human life, or that it is easier to revive the economy for him, and has not agreed to an early blockade.

One staff member said: “The Prime Minister hates the idea of a blockade. He has long argued that there is no evidence that the embargo is effective in curbing transmission. So in the end, when he was told that Britain had no way out, he was in a state of depravity. ”

In the end, in the face of the non-political virus, Johnson had to rush into a second, incomplete seal. At the end of the year, britain had its biggest outbreak in history, and the hapful Johnson had to seal the city for a third time.

Although Downing Street immediately denied that the Prime Minister had said such a thing, public opinion was still uproar.

“Our family died because of your garbage leader, and in your eyes it was just a corpse??! There have been a growing number of public outbursts and calls for Mr Johnson to step down.

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The opposition is taking this opportunity to make a big deal out of it. Labour deputy attacked Mr Johnson: “He demeaned him with rampant and terrible behaviour. He downplayed the deaths of more than 127,000 people under his nose and then tried to cover it up. Refresh the lower limit! ”

Alison Trice, a Scottish National Party official, said Mr Johnson’s words were despicable and callous and “he is not fit for the prime ministership.” Mr Blackford, the leader of the Scottish National Party’s UK parliament, went so far as to say that Mr Johnson should resign if the comments were confirmed.

The latest news is that audio evidence and more recordings of the remarks are in the hands of an informant and will be released next month. Cummings has been rumoured to have embarked on a frenzied revenge mode since he was blown away by Johnson’s fiancee. There has been speculation that the leaker is likely to be Cummings, a former political adviser who has been at odds with Mr Johnson.

Trouble, on the way?

On top of that, Johnson was revealed to have privately contacted James Dyson, dyson’s founder and billionaire, at the start of the outbreak. And in the text message promised to give the other side to “solve the tax problem.” Raises concerns about whether there is money to be traded.

Johnson, of course, denied it, saying that giving Dyson the green light was because it was absolutely okay to ask Dyson to help produce ventilators to save the British epidemic.

But at the time, the British government ordered only 10,000 ventilators, and in April last year it stopped buying Dyson ventilators. Even so, in the eyes of the public, it is absurd, the allocation of funds to small and medium-sized enterprises is too late, for the giant enterprises “insignificant” pay is worth giving them tax cuts …

Mistress scandal, girlfriend regent scandal, disrespect for the victims of the epidemic, embezzlement scandal… None of the piles bothered Johnson.

No wonder the Star satirizes the current British prime minister, “I don’t have my ass on fire!” ”。

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After the series of scandals came to light, analysts generally agreed that Mr Johnson was facing a crisis in office. The inquiry into the renovation of the doors, in particular, is likely to jeopardise Mr Johnson’s premiership. Cummings, a key witness, has said in a blog post that Johnson’s behavior was “immoral, stupid and possibly illegal” and said he was open to investigation.

The New York Times quoted British officials as saying that former British Prime Minister John Major had ruined his reputation and future through scandals involving his government and Members of the Conservative Party, suggesting that Mr Johnson was likely to face the same dilemma as Mr Major.

Distrust of Johnson is also reflected in opinion polls. A recent Guardian poll found that 40 per cent of respondents thought the Conservatives were corrupt, some 37 per cent described Mr Johnson as “mostly or completely corrupt” and only 31 per cent said he was clean.

Johnson’s mess is much more than that.

London has just erupted in large-scale anti-vaccine, anti-blockade, anti-mask protests. Tens of thousands of people stormed the streets and clashed with police, seriously injuring eight people.

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Meanwhile, 22 British scientists have published an open letter calling on the government to lift all restrictions on outbreaks on June 21st, including wearing masks and keeping a social distance, so that people can “regain control of their lives.”

Anxious Johnson, can take the LinkedIn country out of the epidemic, it is really a pinch of sweat ah…