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British Parliament votes for stricter epidemic prevention measures in England

British Parliament votes for stricter epidemic prevention measures in England

by YCPress

On December 1 local time, the lower house of the British Parliament voted 291 to 78 against in favor of imposing stricter epidemic restrictions on England.

Parliament voted for England to implement stricter epidemic prevention measures

According to the plan, England will implement an “enhanced” three-level COVID-19 alert system. The first to third levels correspond to the three epidemic alert levels and corresponding prevention and control measures, namely, “medium”, “high” and “very high”. In the worst tertiary areas of the epidemic, the corresponding epidemic prevention measures include that bars, restaurants and hotels must be closed or only provide take-out services, and people who do not stay together cannot meet indoors and most outdoor occasions.

Photo wall in the community: share the good things in the epidemic

The UK will end the second phase of home lockdown on December 2nd local time. In the community next to Primrose Hill Park in London, local residents have opened a new way of communication in isolation. They share the life photos of the community’s extended family members and community landscape photos on supermarket windows, share the beauty of special periods with their neighbors, and encourage people to overcome loneliness and depression.

In March this year, the British government implemented home quarantine and epidemic prevention measures for the first time. Since then, the glass windows of the supermarket Regent Park Road have been pasted with photos brought by customers, some of which are family photos, some are beautiful pictures of nearby parks, and some of which record various moments of people’s life during quarantine.

After two home blockades in spring, summer, autumn and winter, more and more photos have been sent by community residents. In the past year, this window photo exhibition has become a gathering place of love in the community.

London supermarket operator Zam: We advocate community solidarity through this photo wall. The people in the picture live nearby or work nearby. They are all members of our Primrose Hill community family. We call it a village. People inevitably feel lonely in home quarantine. More and more people give We send photos. What we want to show is the faces of people who live and work here.

Another resident told reporters in an interview that the challenges facing the whole UK and the international community are the same, hoping that those facing the crisis, as well as those who make policies, can learn to unite and collaborate like the community.