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British government shortens the self-quarantine period of travelers to the UK to 5 days

by YCPress

The British government is believed to announce a new initiative: from December 15, the 14-day self-quarantine period faced by travelers to the UK will be reduced to 5 days, provided that the COVID-19 test results are negative on the fifth day of entry.

According to the British Times on November 23, British Prime Minister Johnson is expected to announce the “test to release” policy soon. Self-isolation can be stopped as long as the rapid test results for COVID-19 on the fifth day after entering the UK are negative. This policy will take effect from next month.

According to the news, this policy is expected to boost British aviation and tourism. According to the new policy, even if travelers come from countries not on the UK’s “travel corridor” list, or in areas with “high risk” the epidemic, they can end isolation as long as they pass the coronavirus test on the fifth day after entering the UK, but must continue to comply with the domestic epidemic prevention regulations in the UK.

Grant Shapps, the British Secretary of State for Transport, said: “This new policy will allow us to travel more freely, meet relatives and promote international trade.” He also said, “By giving people the option to test on day 5 of quarantine, we will also support the tourism industry to rebuild during the pandemic.”

On June 8 this year, the United Kingdom began to implement a mandatory two-week quarantine measure, which was severely criticized by travel industry personnel, who believe that it hinders British people who travel domestically and want to spend abroad. After that, this rule was relaxed to require only two weeks of quarantine for passengers from “high-risk” countries.