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British flag, falling from the Scottish government building

British flag, falling from the Scottish government building

by YCPress

According to British media reports, Scotland’s Chief Minister Sturgeon recently announced that in addition to raising the British flag on Memorial Day, the Scottish flag and the EU flag will be raised every day throughout the year.

In accordance with previous regulations, the flag of Britain, Scotland and the European Union will be raised by various government agencies and the public sector, including the Scottish Parliament Building.

In January 2020, the Scottish Regional Parliament also launched a vote on the use of the flag. According to the result of the vote at that time, Scotland will continue to fly the EU flag after the United Kingdom announces its separation from the European Union.

According to the British Daily Telegraph on the 18th, Sturgeon’s directive has now been updated to the relevant guidelines for flag-hanging in Scotland.

According to the new regulations, in addition to using the flag of Scotland, Scottish government agencies will also fly the EU flag for the vast majority of the year. The flag of the United Kingdom, which symbolizes Britain, is not hung.

Compared with last year’s vote, this year’s vote adds discussion about the use of the British flag.

The current voting results highlight the position of the Scottish National Party led by Sturgeon on seceding from Britain.

According to Sturgeon’s previous statements on relevant issues, media and analysts believe that this move is mainly to express opposition to Britain’s secession from the European Union and continue to promote the Scottish independence referendum.

Both the Scottish National Party and Sturgeon himself have made it clear that if the party wins the Scottish Parliament election in May, it will advance the second Scottish independence referendum.

Several British politicians have expressed strong criticism of the new flag use rule adopted by Scotland.

Opponents believe that Scotland had previously held a referendum on independence from the United Kingdom, and finally reached a decision to “stay in the United Kingdom”.

Sturgeon is “challenging Scotland’s mainstream public opinion” by modifying the flag usage regulations.