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British experts say that the new strain has spread all over the country.

British experts say that the new strain has spread all over the country.

by YCPress

London, December 22 Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific adviser of the United Kingdom, told the media on the 22nd that the new strain has spread all over the UK, and the United Kingdom needs to be prepared for further blockade restrictions.

Varlance warns that the mutant coronavirus may have spread across the UK from London and southeastern England.

The current epidemic prevention measures have proved to fail to effectively control the new epidemic, so more severe restrictions are needed to extend the level 4 epidemic blockade currently in place in London and other places, and expand To more areas.

Sources say that this mutant strain has been found in most parts of the UK, and the main cases are concentrated in London and southeastern England.

The latest news today said that the new virus of this mutation also appeared “possibly” in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland’s Chief Secretary Arlene Foster said four cases are being tested to determine whether they are new highly infectious variants of the novel coronavirus.

Valens cautioned that unless the government imposes a nationwide lockdown again in a few days, “man-made disasters” may cause thousands of people to die. “I think the number of this mutant strains will increase nationwide.

In due course, some areas need to strengthen, not reduce, more severe lockdown measures for the outbreak.”

Government scientists say the UK may need to significantly extend the four-level restrictions, which means that the UK will impose a strict epidemic lockdown during the New Year.

Robert West, a member of the British Government’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Emergency Response (SAGE), said at the epidemic briefing that even the current strict hierarchical system restrictions are unlikely to effectively curb the spread of mutant strains.

On the 19th, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced at a press conference that the transmission capacity of the new variant of the virus may be 70% higher.

British media said that the emergence and rapid spread of mutant strains means that the virus crisis facing the UK is escalating sharply.