Home Criminal British coffee shop owner was beaten in public by the police despite the ban.
British coffee shop owner was beaten in public by the police despite the ban.

British coffee shop owner was beaten in public by the police despite the ban.

by YCPress

February 8th – A coffee shop in ManchesterEngland, failed to observe social distancing and provide canteen food.

After the police failed to intervene in communication, the store manager was beaten in public.

According to the Daily Mail on the 7th, a video of British police beating coffee shop personnel was published on the Internet, which attracted people’s attention.

Video shows a policeman beating the owner in public after asking him to close the coffee shop where more than 100 customers visited him. After that, more police intervened.

At the end of the video, the beaten man was pressed against the wall by the police and laughed helplessly.

Another video was taken in a crowded coffee shop.

In the video, two police officers are talking to coffee shop staff.

Other customers in the store did not observe social distancing or wear masks, and there were many children in the store.

The staff member was the man who was beaten later.

After unsuccessful communication with the police, he was taken out of the store.

At this time, the audience’s boos and dissatisfaction could be heard.

A Manchester police spokesman said: “These police officers are all officials responsible for ensuring the normal implementation of the ban.

One of the policemen was attacked while trying to disperse the crowd.

But no one was injured at the scene.

A 38-year-old man, arrested on suspicion of assaulting first responders and disobeying arrest warrants, is still in custody.” Manchester Police said they also noticed that a man in the video appeared to have been beaten by the police and said they would continue to assess all the circumstances of the incident.

The owner of the cafe has been posting messages on Facebook about the normal opening of the store despite the lockdown.

After uploading a video of the police coming to the store to interfere with the business, a fine of £1,000 issued by the city hall was also posted.

In August 2020, the cafe also said, “The COVID-19 epidemic will not affect our business, and we do not need to wear masks to visit our store.”

One witness said: “They have always provided takeout business, but recently I have seen a lot of customers can eat in this restaurant.

Today, there are about 50 to 60 people eating inside and outside the coffee shop.

No one wears a mask, it looks like they are protesting against the lockdown ban.

After that, about 10 police cars came. The owner of the coffee shop is a very good person.

We often go there to buy coffee. But I don’t understand what he is thinking.

Another witness said: “I was sitting in it and heard a noisy sound.

Many people surrounded the store.

I know the police caught a man, and everyone was recording with their mobile phones.