Home Politics Britain’s report is comparable to the “lighthouse”. Parliamentarians can’t listen anymore.
Britain's report is comparable to the "lighthouse". Parliamentarians can't listen anymore.

Britain’s report is comparable to the “lighthouse”. Parliamentarians can’t listen anymore.

by YCPress

The British race report said that the country’s performance can be called a “lighthouse”, the Prime Minister’s African-American adviser proposed to resign, and Labour MPs criticized the “whitewashing report”!

The controversy caused by the British report on racism is still fermenting. Although the British Commission on Racial and Ethnic Differences admitted in its report that racial discrimination still exists in the UK, it denied evidence of systematic racial discrimination, said that people’s differences in life were more caused by geographical, family and socioeconomic factors, and believed that Britain’s performance in racial equality could be described as “Western countries and even the world. Lighthouse of the boundary. The report has recently attracted condemnation from many activists, parliamentarians, scholars and trade unions, and even Labor MPs have criticized the report as the Prime Minister’s racial discrimination whitewashing report.

The British Guardian reported on the 2nd that hundreds of experts from the fields of race, education, health care and economy have criticized the report. The 258-page report claims to cover racial equality in education, health care, justice, employment and other fields, but the Guardian reported on the 1st that the report is “carefully selected” of data and lacks the team of experts it should have. The academic community even said bludly that if 30 pages of the report on the field of health were submitted as an academic paper, they would be returned by the editor without peer review.

“Is the government interested in causing controversy through the British racial disparity survey? Or was the report being mishandled on Wednesday’s release?” The BBC reflected on the controversy caused by the report recently on the 3rd. Samuel Kasumu, a senior African adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, resigned on the day of the report, but the government said it had nothing to do with the report. According to the report, as a special adviser to civil society and communities, Kasumu is responsible for contacting minority communities. He was dissatisfied with the British government’s attitude on racial issues earlier. He wanted to resign in February, but was persuaded to stay and encourage the minority to vaccinate

The report believes that it seems that the answer was predetermended as early as Johnson announced that he would investigate the question. Last June, Johnson announced plans to investigate racism amid the “Black Lives Are Also Lives” campaign and the “Pushing the Statue Down” trend, when he said: “We must look at discrimination, but the success story is slightly missing.” What I want to do as Prime Minister is to change this narrative to stop this feeling of victim sentiment and discrimination, we eliminate racial discrimination… We begin to have real expectations for success.” Some party and government insiders believe that this is actually part of the preset report, especially the claim that the system does not deliberately target ethnic minorities.

The report also said that Munilla Mirza, director of Johnson’s policy who established the Race and Ethnic Differences Committee, and Tony Sewell, chairman of the committee, had previously questioned the existence of systemic racism in Britain, who said in a magazine article in 2010 that “most of the so-called institutionalized races” The evidence of doctrine is not credible. To this end, some sources told the media that the report was not an “independent report” and could not even reflect different views within the government.

In the face of such a big controversy, government sources still said, “The British government is happy to trigger these cultural debates, and the discussion around this report is what the government has always wanted to do.” In response, the BBC had no choice but to comment, “I don’t care whether other purposes have been achieved or not, this purpose has indeed been achieved.”