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Fearing that "no-deal Brexit" will cause chaos, the European Union issued an emergency plan

Britain and the European Union suspend future relationship negotiations

by YCPress

London, December 4 The United Kingdom and the European Union announced on the 4th that they would suspend negotiations on future relations with trade agreements as the core because they did not have the conditions for an agreement to reach.

Frost, the chief representative of the Brexit negotiations, and Barnier, the chief representative of the European Union, issued a statement on social media on the same day that after a week of intensive negotiations in London, the two sides agreed that there is no agreement due to major differences in the areas of fair play, compliance management and fisheries. Piece.

The statement said that the two sides agreed to suspend the negotiations, and European Commission President von der Leyen and British Prime Minister Johnson will discuss the negotiations on the afternoon of the 5th.

In late November, due to the COVID-19 infection of a member of the EU negotiating team, the two sides suspended face-to-face negotiations and turned to online. On November 28, the two sides resumed face-to-face negotiations in London and continued to play games on the three core issues of fisheries, fair playing field and compliance management. Both sides have always expressed their commitment to reaching an agreement, but they have not ruled out the possibility of failure of negotiations.

The UK officially “Brexit” on January 31 this year, and then entered an 11-month transition period. If there is no trade agreement between Britain and Europe during the transition period, the trade between the two sides will return to the framework of the World Trade Organization from 2021, and arrangements such as border inspection and tariffs will be re-implemented.