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"Bright scenery"? Is that it?! "World famous paintings" originally means those precious paintings that have been passed down

“Bright scenery”? Is that it?!

by YCPress

“Bright scenery”? Is that it?! “World famous paintings” originally means those precious paintings that have been passed down from generation to generation and are widely known. In the era of social media, the term has taken on a new meaning.

“It means that the pictures at this moment are extremely rare, just like those rare and precious paintings”; “Although not so precious, it is also amazing enough” – one netizen explained.

Recently, there have been many such “world famous paintings” produced by a country on the other side of the ocean.

When the “King Qin Army” broke through the Capitol, the “Democracy Lighthouse” collapsed; when the heartbeat of Freud, an African-American man, “I have a dream” suddenly disappeared; when the remains of the deceased of COVID-19 were so many that they could only be stored in the refrigerator and parked at the feet of the “Statue of Liberty”, the “Human Rights Defender” painted skin was ruthlessly torn. Destroy…

These “world famous paintings” reflect the sharp social contradictions and extreme political tears of the United States, and break the “mirinths of the century” that are fascinating people’s hearts.

After more than two centuries, the U.S. Capitol was “broken” again!

On January 6, 2021, a large number of Trump supporters waved the American flag or homemade flag, broke through the fence in front of the Capitol Square and rushed into the Capitol building, trying to overturn the results at a joint meeting of the Senate and the House of Representatives confirming the results of the presidential election.

Some of them smashed the glass window with sticks, and some climbed up the outer wall of the building; they quickly occupied the halls of the House of Representatives and faced the police, and the legislators hid under the seats of the hall, and many casualties in the incident…

“It’s violence”, “Thugs”, “Extremists”, “villains”, “Shame” … After the riots, the American media condemned it and collectively lamented the “darkest moment”. However, when radical demonstrators violently stormed the Hong Kong Legislative Council in July 2019, some American politicians and the media called it a “bright scenery”.

Isn’t this the “American double standard” of the world-famous scene and completely different words?

“If the United States saw what the United States was doing to the United States, the United States would certainly invade the United States and liberate it from the tyranny of the United States.”After the incident, a “god comment” exploded on the Internet. This bitter and profound irony has aroused widespread resonance, which proves that the “American double standard” has long been despised by the world.

On February 4, 2020, then-US President Trump delivered his third State of the Union address in Congress during his first term.

Before the speech, Trump strode through House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat. Pelosi stretched out his hand, but Trump did not hold it as usual.

Trump was talking in the speech, and Pelosi frowned and sneered from time to time after him.

Immediately after the speech, Pelosi got up and tore a copy of the State of the Union speech in front of him.

“I can’t find a page without lying,” the speaker said.

The move to tear up the president’s speech in full view of the public has won the applare and praise of Democrats and some American media, and most Republicans and other media condemn it. Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Political Studies at the University of Virginia, commented that the State of the Union address reflected the current situation of division and polarization in American politics.

The United States, which has always regarded itself as a “beacon of democracy”, is often proud of the political system of “separation of powers” and “two-party checks and balances”. However, with the evolution of history, this system design has gradually deviated from the original intention and completely become a show for political struggle and power.

In the past, the competition between the two parties was mostly “smiling and hiding knives”, at least in terms of face; in recent years, it has “torn the face” and become more “humiliating”. Refusal to shake hands, tearing speeches… Such a “political show” is ostensibly a partisanship and personal feud, but also a microcosm of the intensification of American social contradictions and political extreme tearing.

“Black people’s lives are also lives”, which is probably one of the most famous slogans in 2020.

On May 25, George Floyd, an African-American man in Minnesota, was identified by police as a “suspect who used fake banknotes to shop”. Video taken by passers-by with mobile phones shows Freud lying beside a police car, his hands seemed to be handcuffed behind his back, and his neck was tightly pressed by a white policeman with his knees and could not move.

“Please, please, please, I can’t breathe…” He even shouted “Mom” desperately in a hoarse voice… However, no matter how much Freud begged for mercy, the policeman never removed his knees. After being taken to the hospital by ambulance, Freud finally failed to survive.

“I have a dream”, but it’s still just a dream. Although the Declaration of Independence as early as 1776 declared that “all men are born equal”, although always advocating “natural human rights”, and although minorities have obtained nominal “civil rights”, there are endless tragedies reminding people of what is a living reality.

When the racist slogan of “white supremacy” became popular again, and when social divisions became worse and more, it exposed the systemic human rights disease in the United States. As CNN published, “structural racial discrimination has become a sore in the United States”.

It is not only ethnic minorities whose human rights are not guaranteed. A few days ago, some parts of the southern United States suffered from extreme weather, and many residents suffered from water and electricity, starvation and freezing. However, some local officials only care about “blaming the pot”, and some members of Parliament “slip away” to go abroad for vacation. As a result, some netizens sighed angrily that the so-called “American Dream” was like a nightmare.

At the Labor Day press conference held at the White House on September 7, 2020, Trump called the United States an “absolute leader” in all aspects of the response to the epidemic.

The fact is that the United States, which used to be the world’s most advanced health system, has collapsed in the face of the virus. In New York, one of the most developed cities in the United States and even the world, some local hospitals can only find refrigerated trucks to preserve the remains of patients due to the surge in deaths. Some American media lamented that Americans have never lost their dignity so much.

Under the then federal government, the U.S. response to the epidemic was a disaster.” It may be useful to swallow disinfectant raw, “it’s useless to wear masks”, scientists and professionals don’t get a minimum respect… In the face of the world’s largest number of confirmed cases and deaths, the words and deeds of the “global anti-epidemic leaders” are becoming more absurd and unbearable.

Some American politicians are keen to be “global leaders” in various fields. However, at the critical moment of the global anti-epidemic, the United States “uses it and abandons it” to important international institutions such as the World Health Organization. It comes and goes like a home, and does not see what a mature power looks like a mature power.

At present, vaccines have become the focus of international attention. As a country with advanced scientific research, the United States should have made more contributions to promoting international cooperation in vaccines and achieving equitable distribution. However, when the U.S. vaccine is distributed domestically, it is chicken feathered. Several media outlets have exposed that vaccines have been prioritized for supply to some senior hospital officials and “relative households”. If you are not right, how can you be right?

Former U.S. President Reagan once described the United States as the “city on the top of the mountain” in the Bible – with the sacred mission of spreading “freedom and justice” to the world. Nowadays, people are facing and adapting to a reality: the myths of the century are broken one by one, and the city on the top of the mountain is overshadowed.