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Researchers: New variants of the novel coronavirus found in Brazil are more infectious.

Brazilian researchers say that the coronavirus variant found in the country is more infectious.

by YCPress

Recently, a study released by Brazilian researchers shows that the recent discovery of the novel coronavirus variant in Manaus, the capital of the northern Amazon state, may be more infectious than the two previous viral variants found in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

The researchers said that the main basis for this judgment was that mutations of the virus found in two countries were observed in the genetic genes of this virus variant in Brazil.

Data show that between December 15 and 23 last year, 42% of the 31 positive samples for COVID-19 in the Amazon region were found in the virus variant. Researchers point out that this situation shows that local transmission may be the main reason for the rapid spread of such virus varieties in the region.

Studies also show that this virus variant is associated with the increase in the frequency of repeated infection in individuals. It is reported that on January 8 this year, the city of Salvador in northeast Brazil discovered the country’s first case of repeated infection caused by a variant of the novel coronavirus, with a 45-year-old woman.

She had previously been diagnosed with COVID-19 twice and, despite no complications, had developed severe symptoms after the infection.

It is reported that the United Kingdom announced that it will carry out stricter prevention and control of imported cases, especially referring to the virus variants found in Brazil that may have been introduced into the country.

In response, Brazilian researchers pointed out that there is no evidence that the virus variant will reduce the effectiveness of the approved coronavirus vaccine. At the same time, the person stressed that whether it is a known or unknown variant of the virus, the key to prevention remains to adopt strict personal protective measures, including wearing masks and social distancing.