Home LifestyleHealth Brazilian media circulated the statement of “Kexing criticizes the United States”, Kexing clarified that the statement was forged.
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Brazilian media circulated the statement of “Kexing criticizes the United States”, Kexing clarified that the statement was forged.

by YCPress

A statement called “China’s Kexing Company criticizes the United States” circulated in some Brazilian media on January 30. On January 31, Kexing Holdings Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

issued a clarification statement saying that the English statement was forged, was not issued or authorized by the company, and did not represent the company’s views.

Several Brazilian media reported on the fake statement.

According to the São Paulo State newspaper, a Brazilian consulting company called Pharos issued a so-called Coching statement to the media, criticizing the United States and other Western countries for taking a protectionist stance in the public health crisis, saying that “the United States has implemented a U.S.-first vaccine policy to protect only Americans.

Both former President Trump and current President Biden defend this position.

The statement also said that countries that use and do not use the Koxing vaccine recognize the safety and effectiveness of the Koxing vaccine, but the safety of the Pfizer vaccine is doubtful, and many people die after being vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.

Kexing Holdings said in a statement on the 31st that the company has never written or instructed others to write and issue the forged statement.

The company believes that in the face of the coronavirus epidemic that has swept the world, the whole world needs to work together to deal with it.

In the face of COVID-19, a common threat all over the world, all institutions and enterprises around the world are partners, not competitors.

We oppose any malicious attack or slander. Kexing Holdings strongly condemned the counterfeiting of statements. The company reserves the right to further pursue its legal liability for the fabricator and publisher of the forged declaration.

The involved company Pharos later claimed that it was a “victim of fraud”, surprised that someone had provided false statements to the company, and was collecting evidence to go to justice.

“As Western countries compete for vaccines, China is fulfilling its promise to deliver vaccines to more developing countries.” France 24 TV reported on January 30 that China has supplied vaccines to Brazil, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Peru, Chile, Morocco and other countries, and more countries are working with Chinese enterprises.

The industry is negotiating the procurement of COVID-19 vaccine.