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Brazil President “Brazil Trump” has also suffered major setbacks one after another.

by YCPress

According to the Associated Press São Paulo, Brazilian President Bossonaro’s camp suffered several major defeats in the municipal elections that ended on November 29. Of the candidates for mayors he supported, only five won, and no one won in some of the country’s most important cities.

According to the report, Bolsonaro suffered the biggest setback in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro, where the city’s current mayor, Marcelo Rivera (36% of the vote), lost to Eduardo Paez, a center-right who was the mayor of the city, with 64% of the vote. Krivella has repeatedly mentioned Bolsonaro during the campaign to try to turn the tide.

Another defeat of Bolsonaro occurred in Fortaleza, the fifth most populous city in Brazil. In the city, almost unknown centre-left candidate Salto Nogueira defeated Bosonaro’s favorite candidate Wagner Gomes to win the mayoral position. The two received 51.5% and 48.5% respectively.

In Belém, a candidate supported by Bolsonaro also ended in a defeat. The poor performance of the candidate supported by Bossonaro began to appear two weeks ago when the first round of voting in the mayoral election began.

It is reported that the first round of voting in Brazil’s municipal elections was held on November 15. Under the Constitution, cities with more than 200,000 voters will hold a second round of voting if no mayoral candidate obtains more than half of the valid votes in the first round. A second round of voting was held in 57 cities, including São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, on November 29th local time.