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Boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics? He jumped out and shouted at the White House.

Boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics? He jumped out and shouted at the White House.

by YCPress

In order to incite “boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics”, some anti-China politicians in the United States used clich├ęs to “kidnappe” the audience again. According to Fox News exclusively, Rep.

Mike Waltz, a Republican congressman, introduced a resolution on the 15th local time, urging the United States to boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and point to the Communist Party of China with so-called “human rights”. However, ironically, Walz, who boycotted the Beijing Winter Olympics, triggered many foreign netizens to boycott.

Some people angrily criticized his idea for being “injustice” to those athletes who want to fight on behalf of the United States on the Olympic field, and some netizens scolded him for “political nonsense” and “I support the Communist Party of China. China is not the enemy of the United States. On the contrary, the United States is the enemy of all mankind.

The resolution, first obtained by Fox, declared that it would urge the U.S. Olympic Committee to “propose the transfer of the 2022 Winter Olympics to other locations outside the People’s Republic of China” and claimed that if the proposal was rejected by the International Olympic Committee, “the U.S. Olympic Committee and other countries’s Olympic committees should withdraw from the 2022 Winter Olympics.”

While inciting a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the resolution also brought out the so-called “evidence” and began to repeat the same tactics against China.

The resolution claimed that the Communist Party of China “has taken a series of hateful acts last year alone”; it has repeatedly issued words such as “censorship, intimidation, detention, forced labor” to forcibly withhold to China; and repeatedly accused China of “covering up” the coronavirus epidemic.

While blaming, the resolution also made a high-sounding reference to the connotation of the Games, saying: “The Olympic Games are a celebration of international culture, a festival of mankind, and are designed to be independent of political, ideological and diplomatic differences.”

To this end, the resolution claims that if the United States participates, it will be ugly, immoral and wrong.

Not only did Walz make a proposed statement, but Walz also gave Fox an interview to “call” the White House.

Fox said Walz said he hoped the Biden administration would “conscientiously” not allow the United States to participate when the administration “looks these situations thoroughly.” We are marching towards the Winter Olympics – it’s coming soon,” Walz continued. “We’re going to make the drums louder and louder.”

However, Walz’s series of statements failed to make many foreign netizens buy it.

Someone else left a long comment under Waltz’s tweet expressing strong dissatisfaction that his proposal was “injustice” to the athletes: “So Michael, will you send me a check of more than $30,000 to repay my daughter and me for their efforts as Olympic athletes? Do you know how much it costs to train these athletes who only pursue one goal? They (athletes) want to represent the United States!”

The netizen continued, “Do you know how hard they train? In order to compete with athletes from other parts of the world every four years, athletes are constantly training. You try to stand on the ice and snowy mountain, freeze to your bones, fall off the mountain, slam, hurt, and then stand up and come back. Or how much does it cost when they fly around the world to compete every week or two weeks? If you don’t like what China is doing, you can do something. Don’t involve these athletes in your political nonsense.

Some netizens even refuted Walz’s statement: “I support the Communist Party of China. China is not the enemy of the United States. On the contrary, the United States is the enemy of all mankind. This netizen continued to @he said, “The American flag represents racism, fascism, genocide, imperialism, murder, war, capitalism, white supremacy and international plunder. I hate the American flag, and I hate everything it represents. I hate everything you claim.

With the opening of the countdown to the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on February 4, 2021, some anti-China forces are waiting for the opportunity. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded strongly to the incitement at a press conference this month.

Wang Wenbin said that we have said many times that the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics are another important contribution made by China to the international Olympic Movement, and participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics is also the fervent expectation of winter Olympic sports enthusiasts from all over the world. At present, the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics are progressing smoothly and have been highly recognized by the international community, including the International Olympic Committee.

We will work with all parties to make the Beijing Winter Olympics a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic event. At the same time, I would like to point out that it is very irresponsible to try to interfere with, hinder and undermine the preparation and holding of the Beijing Olympic Games for political motivation. I believe that such a move is not supported by the international community and is doomed not to be won.