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Boxing champion Tyson publicly admitted to cheating

Boxing champion Tyson publicly admitted to cheating

by YCPress

According to Fox News Network (FOX) on the 9th, 54-year-old boxing legend Mike Tyson has always insisted that he has never used steroids in his boxing career, but in a recent podcast, he Admitting to pass a drug test with baby urine as one’s own urine.

Mike Tyson

On the podcast “Hotboxin” by Jeff Novitzky, the current vice chairman of athlete health and performance at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Tyson pleaded guilty. He stated that in the previous drug test, he used a “Whizzinator” to avoid a positive drug test.

According to the report, the “whizzinator” is a fake urinal, which can provide a tube of clean urine. Tyson said that he had intended to use his wife’s urine to help him pass the drug test. His wife was worried that the drug test would detect the result of pregnancy. Tyson was also worried about cheating, so he used his child’s urine to pass the drug test by impersonating himself.

Tyson speculated that he was able to succeed because the drug testers were afraid to look at him when he was taking the drug test.

Tyson revealed that he used the device to pass a drug test during a game against Lou Savarez in Scotland in July 2000. In that game, Tyson finished the game in just 38 seconds.

In addition, in the book “The Undisputed Truth” published in 2013, Tyson also admitted to using the device to cover up the fact that he was smoking cocaine and marijuana. In the latter part of his career, Tyson lost many times in the game, and he admitted that he took medicine at that time as part of the reason for the loss. Tyson admitted: “I am a complete addict.”

According to reports, after 15 years of his career, Tyson will play an 8-round exhibition match with another legendary character, Roy Jones Jr, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on November 28. . The California Sports Commission (CSAC) will test boxers before and after the game. This time Tyson can no longer use his old tricks. Through the competition, Tyson and Jr. Jones will raise funds for charities